Despite technological trends changing and upgrading quicker then ever, companies still make mammoth amounts from consumers demanding the latest features - no matter how short lived the features may be.  Let's look back on the mini-disc player, the video player and even the CD player.....remember these?

We certainly do!


How prices have changed?

  • Philips CD player in its peak was £70. Now we can get it for £25.
  • Sony Mini Disc Player in its peak was £500. Only a few years later this was going for £50!
  • VHS player in its peak was £300 and with DVD and download taking over, we can purchase a top range model for just £90  .


Why we should remember this.

Over the years, consumers have fallen over each other to enjoy the latest products, but in many cases, products do not pay for themselves in long-lasting satisfaction.


Every year, Apple release a new iPhone and every year, we throw our money at the much loved company giant. For those that are lucky enough to keep up with trends, they are paying £2,500 for iPhones across a five year span!

Unlike the extinct examples given above, the iPhone models are just updated versions of the same product - not the product itself. In ten years time we will likely be gathering around a new store for a new product on its release date and by that time, our £2,500 will, for the best part, feel pretty wasted - especially when the screen smashes after two months (Hello, the unbreakable HTC!).

While some of us continue to relish the buzz of a new product, many of us do find ourselves wondering if the most expensive product really is value for money.  In the aftermath of the economic crises and many of us more budget conscious than ever, maybe it's time for some money-sense.


What do we advise?           think

Think about what you want from your product.  What features would you require to allow the product to serve you in the most effective and long lasting way possible.?

While those extra features are nice to have, do you really use them? Are they worth that extra price chunk?

Look around for other brands.  Check the reviews and if you are unsure then breath easy knowing you still have that 30 day guarantee.


The Business Advice

If you are a business, don't make things complicated for yourself! Just because a product says it is a 'Business XYZ' doesn't mean that you can't get the exact same quality from a 'Standard XYZ'.

For example, most office phones need the following features;

  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Hold Music
  • Conference Call
  • Caller ID

Like most people, our first thoughts are to Google 'Business Phone' and sure enough, price listings of £70-80 fill our screen. However, what if we were to show you a great brand and phone model that did the exact same thing?


The BT 1500, accommodates all of these features for just £29.99 for a single handset.  Not only is this less than half the price, it is still a model we trust.