Panasonic Premium DECT Cordless PhonesPrepare yourself to be amazed at the earth shattering, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, all singing, all dancing new line of designer digital cordless phones from Panasonic. Alright, we may have made up the part about the singing and dancing, but would you really want a cordless phone that could? However, Panasonic have made a bold move with their new Premium Design DECT Phones, which have been stylishly crafted and innovatively designed to bring the modern landline phone up to date with its Smartphone Connect features.

New style for your home

What struck as most about these Premium landline phones from Panasonic is the stylish and high-quality design. Each slim-line handset incorporates a luxurious real metal frame, and sophisticated keypad for a contemporary look that is both aesthetically pleasing and great to use. Effortlessly eye-catching, the KX-PRS 120 and PRW 120 offers landline users the chance to own a stylishly modern phone with modern functionality.

Smartphone Connect App

By downloading the Smartphone Connect app for the KX-PRW120 it’s possible to seamlessly transfer contacts, background images and ring-tones from your Smartphone (Android OS only) to the PRW120 and connect up to four smart phones and/ or tablets (Android, Google and Apple iOS) to your PRW120. Allowing for further benefits such as making and receiving landline calls from your Smartphone, using your tablet to intercom or transferring calls between devices.

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Additionally, we were impressed to learn that the base station of the KX-PRW120 can double up as a WLAN-Repeater to substantially expand the range of your WLAN system.

Panasonic Premium DECT Cordless Phones

The technology

The 2.2” QVGA fine resolution touch screen display and graphical interface of both the PRS120 and PRW120 allow for beautifully clear images, and simple intuitive usability. Standard DECT features such as an integrated answering machine with 40 minutes of recording time come as standard, with the additional facility for SMS notification when a new message has been recorded.

An in-built error correction and noise reduction system eliminates distortions, glitches, and background noise so that you can enjoy conversations that sound clear even when far away from the base.

The KX-PRX range, including PRX150, PRX120 and PRX110, also feature cameras; SIM (PRX150) and memory card facilities, as well as Bluetooth and GPS compatibility.

The future of home phones?

Panasonics new Premium line of cordless phones (only available at John Lewis until next year), give us a glimpse at the possible applications for the next generation of modern landline phones. And with Gigaset’s Android enabled SL930A on the horizon, and already a Smart HomePhone currently on offer from BT it certainly looks like there is a demand for a contemporary home phone that can be used for more than just calls.