Confused by all the Panasonic model names? Grab a tea, sit back and let us explain all.

If there’s one thing Panasonic and the rest of the cordless phones world are not good at, its how to name their products. The general ethos is, the more complex, the better.

And here’s what the boffins at Panasonic where thinking (at what these codes actually mean).

KX-TG – means nothing other than all their new range of cordless phones since 2006 have this code. The previous models began with KX-TCD.

8321E – this is their latest model and hence the 83 at the start. The next digit (2) means this version has an answering machine. This is the case with nearly all the Panasonic range of phones. If there was a 0 instead of 2, it means that it has no answering machine. The last digit represents the number of handsets contained within this pack. So this version comes with one handset. The E somehow stands for the colour, which in this is black. There you have it, the Panasonic code decrypted. I bet you’re a lot happier now.

So that one out of the way, lets now look a little at the different series and the corresponding model numbers.


Anything that begins with this, is at least 2 years old. Don’t be surprised if these hard to come up phones are more expensive the newer series. Whilst these are good phones, don’t spend your hard earned cash on these. You will not be getting value for money.

KX-TG 1 series

Anything beginning with KX TG is from their new series of phones. The 1 series (typically KX TG 1102, 1103 etc) is their entry level. These no frill phones have very limited features and cannot be expanded. I.e. if you buy a two handset version, there are no extra handsets available for them to take it to three in the future.

KX-TG 7 series

The 7 series has been updated 3 times in the last two years. Bit of a surprise given this is one of Panasonic biggest selling phones. First there was the massively popular KX TG 712x series (7122, 7123, 7124 etc). These were discontinued in mid 2007. There is still some stock of these available but beware, the prices of these are usually greatly inflated.

Then there was the KX TG 722x series (7223, 7224 etc). Not as popular as its predecessor and was discontinued in early 2008. However, there are still some stock of these in circulation.

Finally there is now the new KX TG 732x series (7322, 7323, 7324 etc). The pricing point on these was very low at the time of writing so you’ll be grabbing an absolute bargain. Should be another best seller for Panasonic.

KX-TG 8 Series

Another very popular series from Panasonic which has been updated recently. The first series, KX TG 822x (8222, 8223..) was very popular and is still widely available. A great product which has just gotten a bit better if you like your looks.

They’ve now updated it with their new mid-top model phone (8322, 8323, 8324 etc). Our resident expert has conducted a detailed review of this product. In short, this seems as though it will outsell any other phone this year. Excellent quality and price.

KX-TG 9 Series

Not a new phone – its been available since 2007. But its top quality. The styling can be a bit hit or miss but there is no doubting its quality. It’s a not a cheap phone but its more expandable that the other series. For example, you can add a wireless SKYPE adaptor (models 9150, 9152, 9153) or a camera (9140, 9142..) or if you want to keep it as is then the 9120, 9122, 9123 etc.