The KX-TGH220  is the latest flagship home phone from Panasonic; boasting an integrated answering machine and a variety of practical DECT features including Nuisance Call Block. It's rare to find such a great phone at this price point, so the Panasonic KX-TGH220 represents excellent value for money. Thanks to its excellent sound quality, great features, and competitive price, this cordless phone is certainly worth considering.

Design and Build

The KX-TGH220 boasts an extremely high-end design, which is on a par with many premium handsets. The phone itsel is a sleek matt black, with a glossy bezel around the 1.8” colour display, which looks and feels as good as higher-priced models. Panasonic phones typically offer reliable quality at an affordable price but have sometimes been lacking in style; but with their latest range of Premium Designer Phones, the 6821, and now this it seems they are beginning to see that substance doesn’t have to negate style.

Panasonic KX-TGH220

The keypad sits flush with the rest of the handset, which may put off some users but I quite like. The buttons themselves are a good size, and very responsive. The main base is ergonomically compact, and boasts controls down the right side for operating the answer machine.

Sound Quality

When testing the sound quality of calls on an outside line and mobile, the clarity of audio was very good. The maximum volume is not very loud but shouldn’t pose any problems for anyone without hearing difficulties, and there is an in-built loudspeaker to give a further boost if needed. The sound quality in hands-free is great and the handset has a flat bottom so can be stood upright to aid performance.

Playback of recorded messages on the answering machine were likewise very good when played back on the handset; less when using the loudspeaker on the base but still clearly audible.

Ease of use & set-up

Setting up the phone is fairly straightforward with on-screen prompts to guide you through the initial stages. The menu is icon-based and there is an option to switch display mode from multiple icons to single with larger font size to make it easier for those with poor eyesight. The large colour screen is very clear and the buttons are a reasonable size, so it would be a safe choice for elderly users (though isn’t designed specifically for that purpose – you can have a look at our Top 5 Phones for over 65s here). As mentioned in previous reviews, Panasonic manuals are not the best presented but do benefit from a good index and fairly straightforward instructions.

Range & Battery Life

The range of the Panasonic KX-TGH220 is excellent; we were able to get close to the 50 metres indoor range and fared better outdoors than the last Panasonic phone we reviewed (which managed a respectable 200 metres). From our tests, I would say that the KX-TGH220 would be suited to most average-sized properties and your not likely to see much better from any other DECT phone without using a repeater.

Panasonic KX-TGH220

Each handset takes  2x AAA 550mAh Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, which Panasonic claim will provide up to 14 hours of continuous use on a single charge. We had it on the go in our Customer Services department on Black Friday for a solid 13 hours before it died; our other test handset was charged fully and then left off its cradle 10 days ago and would expect another few days out of it yet.

Nuisance Call Block & Additional Features

Panasonic Nuisance Call BlockOne of the key features of the Panasonic KX-TGH 220 is it’s facility to block nuisance sales calls. The feature is simple to set-up, and allows you to block up to 50 specific numbers. You can also add numbers manually from the Nuisance Call Block icon in the main menu or directly from the Call Lists. You can also prevent calls from unknown numbers, which usually account for a large proportion of sales and marketing calls. It’s not quite as advanced as the Call Blocking features of the BT8500, but at nearly £20 cheaper it’s not bad.

Each handset has a phonebook memory for up to 200 contacts, which is more than most other phones at this price point offer. It also has an integrated answering machine on the base, with a recording time of up to 30 minutes. You can record your own personalised greeting, and it is one of the few models available that has an audible alert for new messages.

Further notable benefits include: speed dial, the ability to double up as a baby monitor, and a Do Not Disturb mode. The latter enables you to silence the ringer at certain times of the day or night.


Overall, the Panasonic KX-TGH220 is an excellent cordless phone packed with practical features, is easy to use, and delivers reliable sound quality, range & battery life. On top of all that, it boasts the ability to block nuisance calls, and offers excellent value for money. Find out what our customer's think and read the full spec here.

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