Panasonic is a technology company with a rich history of innovation and high quality products stretching back as far as 1918. Having long been leaders in many electronics markets, Panasonic's wide range of phones has cemented them as a leader in the communications world. This is a legacy they continue today, with brand new offerings like the exciting KX-TGD320 line.

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Panasonic KX-TGD320Offering premium features in a medium price range, the KX-TGD320 has everything a modern home phone demands, wrapped in the simple and familiar package of a time-tested DECT cordless phone design. Just released in June of 2015, the KX-TGD320 offers a super modern iteration on the enduring cordless phone design familiar to just about everyone who has used a telephone in the past twenty years.

At the core of each of the 3 members of the line is the same essential technology. The KX-TGD310 will not include an answering machine which the KX-TGD320 and 322 will. The KX-TGD322 will be a package featuring multiple handsets.

Panasonic KX-TGD320 - Like An Old Friend

Panasonic KX-TGD320 close viewThe familiarity inherent in the design makes the KX-TGD320 super simple to use for anyone who happens to pick it up. Equipped with a 1.8 inch monochrome display, easy to use navigation buttons and a familiar touch tone dial, operating the KX-TGD320 couldn't be simpler. The simplicity of the device leaves no room for confusion, yet the elegant design employed by Panasonic allows the phone to simultaneously offer a feature rich experience with simple, unconfused controls.

So just what features does the KX-TGD320 bring to the table? Let's take a look.

The Modern Amenities

Equipped with a built in answer phone, the KX-TGD320 provides 30 minutes of recording time for callers to leave messages, and also allows for the recording of a custom outgoing message. The integrated answer phone can be accessed from the base or the handset of the KX-TGD320.

Panasonic KX-TGD320 close viewA 120-entry phone book is also available on the device, making it super easy to keep in touch with all your friends and family without having to scramble for the number. The handy phone book is also complimented by a black list which can be configured with up to 50 entries of numbers you don't want to receive calls from. Other useful call blocking features allow you to block all calls from withheld numbers, or even set up Night Mode to specify a certain period during which the phone will have its ringer disabled automatically.

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Included on the handset is an equaliser which allows you to tweak the levels of the sound you get from the handset, a nifty feature which enables more control than the typical phone over your calls audio quality.

For those with kids, the KX-TGD320 can even double as a baby monitor. It can be set up to activate above a certain sound threshold, at which point it calls another handset or a different phone number to let you monitor the noise in babies room.

More From Panasonic

If the KX-TGD320 isn't quite what you're after, check out Panasonic's many other cordless phone offerings. There is sure to be something you like lurking in their long line of phones both old and new. Take a look through the liGo catalogue!