The Oral B Professional Care 600 is my second, so far, rechargeable electric toothbrush. While not quite as rich with different gadgets and features as some more expensive models, in comparison to my old brush the Professional Care 600 seemed like a step up. This was largely due to its inclusion of a pressure sensor which alerts me if I'm brushing too hard, a highly useful feature to prevent potential gum damage and enamel erosion which too much force can cause.

First Impressions

I was somewhat surprised to find that the Professional Care 600 is a single-mode operation; that is, it doesn't include different brushing “modes” commonly encountered on electric toothbrushes. On the Professional Care 600, we find only one mode analogous to Daily Clean on other Oral B devices. Regardless, it proved more than enough with its one mode, which also has the benefit of simplifying the devices operation considerably. procare600_large

Incorporating Oral-B's 3D Cleaning technology, the brush head is designed to efficiently clean the entire surface area of the teeth and give the gums a gentle cleaning. It accomplishes this using a combination of 3 motions: pulsating, oscillating and rotating. According to Oral-B, this allows the brush to remove twice as much plaque as a manual toothbrush. Personally, I find the 3D Cleaning to definitely be effective – while I'm brushing, it feels as if I am more effectively reaching hard to clean areas of my mouth and overall providing a very effective clean.

Attention To Detail

On the Professional Care 600 we find two features which help me pay a lot more attention to detail when I'm brushing. My old electric toothbrush left me feeling quite clean, but didn't have any of the fancy gizmos like pressure sensor or built-in timer. The timer is quite neat: not only does it tell me when my two minutes of brushing are up, it also indicates when to switch regions of the mouth.

The dentist recommended brushing time is two full minutes divided equally between the four regions of the mouth. To help you meet this optimal brushing, the Professional Care 600 emits a noise and vibration every 30 seconds to remind you to switch areas, and alerts you when you're done after two minutes. I don't think I was at quite two minutes before, as I seem to spend a bit more time over the sink in the morning since my routine has been policed by the Professional Care 600.

The pressure sensor is also quite handy, although I have only managed to set it off once since I've always been quite gentle with the brushing. For someone who is brushing too hard and doesn't know it, having such a device could save their enamel and years of pain and issues.

In Conclusion

Overall, the Professional Care 600 was definitely an upgrade and probably the best brush I've ever owned. All that despite it being one of the lower-end offerings from Oral B's catalogue of electric toothbrushes – which gives it the nice upside of a reasonable price tag.