The Thomson Symbio is a phone you will definitely want to keep close by the bed.  Why?  Well, it plays music and even includes VoIP to make internet phone calls.  The unit can be wirelessly connected to services such as Skype from your home network and is also capable of tuning into thousands of radio stations on the internet.  Your sounds are played back on two speakers which are nestled on both sides of the handset.

We’re very impressed at the Symbio’s old school, whimsical design yet remain curious about its functionality.  It should do well with VoIP telephony but its pint-sized speakers may not produce the loudest audio.  By all means, the Symbio with it's nostalgic design, will make a nice compliment to your boudoir and help you wake up in style.  Here is the extensive feature list:

The Phone:

• Wireless DECT and VoIP
• Calling Line Identification Presentation on a 128x128 colour screen
• Hands-free function
• Integrated phonebook stores up to 200 entries
• Logs up to 50 of the last incoming calls
• Hi-Fi ringtones
• HD Sound
• SMS text messaging
• Contact synchronization
• RSS data management

Internet Radio:

• Stereo speakers
• Portable radio
• Extended range
• Full digital broadcast
• Vast selection of internet radio stations
• Preferences to save your favorite stations
• Auto-orientated colour screen
• Built-in alarm radio

No word on a price for the Thompson Symbio as of yet.  We do expect it to launch in Europe first so be sure to keep a look out.

Check out the video in the meantime: