We have always been impressed by Panasonic phones, and with their latest offering – the lightweight and super sleek KX-PRX 120 – Panasonic look set to maintain their reputation for offering the latest and greatest in cordless telephony. Combining a high-quality 3.5” TFT Multi-capacitive Touch Screen with chic design, we love the look of this ultra-modern home phone. And whilst we’re yet to get our hands on it, this Android enabled, Wi-Fi enhanced beauty certainly comes packed with features to get us excited.

What does it offer?

Synchronization of your address book, calendar and e-mails with your smartphone or PC will be made easy with Google Cloud, meaning your home phone can become integrated (and kept up to date) with all your other communication devices. And with access to Google Play, you’ll be able to download your favourite apps, and enjoy all the benefits the KX-PRX120 has to offer: use the nifty front facing camera to make video calls via Skype, listen to digital radio, watch videos on YouTube, play games, browse the web, and stay in touch with those on your contact list whose preferred mode of communication is social media.

How does it stack up against the competition?

Not the first DECT phone with Android capabilities, there was the decidedly underwhelming Archos 35 Smart Homephone, which never really lived up to its hype. We predict a better class of phone from Panasonic, and we’re sure the KX-PRX120 won’t disappoint. You can expect a full review and video of the phone upon its release, and compare it to the highly anticipated Gigaset SL930A as they go head to head.


Currently expected to be available from the end of this year, you can pre-order the Panasonic KX-PRX 120 on our website now.