In the recent past, there have been numerous incidents of people receiving nuisance calls. This surge has been attributed to the progression of technology, which has made it easier and cheaper to automatically dial numbers.

What are nuisance calls?

Nuisance calls refer to a variety of irritating calls, such as those made by telemarketing companies trying to sell their products or services. For many consumers, nuisance calls are an annoyance, but for certain groups of people, such as the elderly and vulnerable, these calls can cause real fear and anxiety.

While there is no perfect solution to this yet, there are certain phones in the market that allow specific numbers, or types of numbers, to be blocked or re-directed straight to an answering machine.

The different kinds of nuisance calls

These call blocking phones can help you slash unwanted calls, which are classified into two groups:

• Silent calls, and

• Unwanted marketing calls

Users should know the difference between these two types of nuisance calls because Telephone Preference Service or TPS handles marketing calls, while Ofcom handles silent calls. So, anyone who is concerned about receiving unwanted marketing calls should register his/her phone number with TPS.

Gigaset S820A Lifestyle

This is an easy and free service that legally stops telemarketers from calling all numbers registered to the TPS, though it does not guarantee to stop all nuisance calls. For instance, TPS does not handle market research calls, international calls, or calls from companies that you have given your consent.

A phone solution to block nuisance calls

There are some modern phones that give users the ability to block certain callers. The BT 6500, for instance, gives you two options: you can create a specific list of numbers whose calls will be let through (your VIP numbers), or block specified numbers and let all other calls through.

BT 6500

The second option allows you to block individual numbers, in which case you will never know that those numbers have tried to reach you.

You can also block types of numbers, such as those with a withheld, international, or no caller ID or payphone, whereby the phone redirects calls from those numbers directly to the answering machine. Allowing such calls to go silently to the answering machine implies that you don’t have to bother with cold callers. Additionally, most computer auto-diallers leave silent messages before hanging up, which implies that your answering machine will have non-existent messages.

Gigaset S820A

Other solutions

There are other ways that the call blocking feature works, like for the Gigaset S820A, which allows the user to set specific times when the phone will not ring, unless VIP callers are trying to reach you. This phone can also be set to reject calls from numbers on a blacklist, or calls with no caller ID.