Every Movember, or No shave November, there is an abundance of upper-lip hair among individuals with facial hair growing capabilities (mostly men) as they embark on 30 days of grooming with the view to creating awareness of men’s health issues.

The idea of Movember was born in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, when 30 “Mo Bros” decided to create awareness for testicular and prostate cancer the best way they knew how – by growing moustaches. In the years that followed, the initiative grew to become an international phenomenon, celebrated in different countries across the globe.

The rules require that participants start November 1 with a clean shaven face, and then grow out their ‘staches and beards during the month of November. You may also be looking at how to shape your moustaches, so here are a few extravagant styles that you may want to attempt:

1. The Geraldo

Geraldo_smallThis is one of the ‘80s staches whose iconic status has remained intact with time. Geraldo Rivera is a popular talk show host, as well as author, reporter, journalist, and attorney.

2. Hall and Oates

Oates_smallThis musician duo had a unique and memorable style. While Daryl Hall’s soulful voice and big hair stood out during their performances, co-writer and guitarist John Oates’ facial hair was hard to ignore, and was often cited as one of the best supporting ‘staches of the ‘80s.

3. Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin_smallThis style is Adolf Hitler’s characteristic toothbrush moustache, though it was popular long before that, as it was won by movie star Charlie Chaplin as part of his Little Tramp character costume. Chaplin did not have this moustache in his daily life, but simply added it to his costume for comical effect.

4. Fu Manchu

FuManchu_smallFu Manchu got his characteristic ‘stach when he made the leap from print to film. It features a full moustache that extends downwards past the mouth and on either side of the chin. The moustache typically hangs past the jaw line with tapered ends, though you may want to use a sharp blade and shaving brush to achieve this look.

5. Salvador Dali

dali_smallAs a great, and perhaps weird, artist, Dali’s moustache was inspired by dictators who wore them. The moustache gave him his complete look, which comprised a walking stick, long cape, upturned waxed moustache, and haughty expression.

There are very many styles, and you can always find one that suits you. That said, anyone not used to shaving every day might find that wet shave irritates their skin. So, if you have sensitive skin, better pick up an electric shaver from our range, and read our top tips on shaving sensitive skin for shaving guidelines.

And to get you motivated and geared up for the month ahead, we give you: