Everybody remembers their first pair of walkie talkies.  Whether you and your mates were reenacting battle scenes, or spending the night discussing your latest dating strategies, it all made for great fun.  Unfortunately, you were lucky to get a range over a few feet away.  In fact, your first set probably didn’t extend pass the room you were in, putting restrictions on those explosive secret missions you guys set out on.   Determined to get your parent’s moneys worth, you make due, have the time of your life and put the toys to use until they over-and-out themselves into a dysfunctional state.

Those days were memorable, but when you think about it, a little extra functionality would have made things more adventurous.

Mission Upgrade

While you can’t travel back in time and rewrite your childhood explorations, there is hope for the present day with the Motorola T5622.  These walkie talkies get the job done and will have you replaying some of the good old times with the kids or even a few mates who missed out on the same experience.  The days of being restricted to one room are long gone as they provide clear communications in buildings, through thick walls and floors.  They don’t have the greatest range but still give you plenty of distance to call out commands to the troops.  Sure, it may be a little odd if someone catches you in character shouting “over” and “roger”, but the cool factor cannot be denied.  Just give them a smile and roll your way into safety.

Mobile phones are practical but the T5622 walkie talkie radios distinguishes your company from the other office geeks and keeps things fun in the workplace.  Besides, they’re free to use and that’s a level of joy your cell phone just can’t provide.  You don’t have to just weird out on the job as they are useful for a range of activities such as snowboarding, an intense game of paintball or just hanging out with the family.

A Downside You Can Deal With

You’re sure to have fun with the T5622 but there are some drawbacks.  For instance, the radios are difficult to hear when too many conversations are struck up in the office or when you step out into some noisy traffic.  The good thing is that you can attach a headset into the 2.5 mm socket.  Motorola quotes a range of 3km which may be hard to achieve in some areas, but these things reach out pretty far nevertheless.  Despite the minor setbacks, these radios are easy to use, finely designed and pure fun.  Equipped with a rechargeable battery, backlit display and nifty belt clip, they’re good to go right out of the box.