It's funny.  Nice-looking cordless phones are like buses: you wait ages for one and then several appear around the same time.  The Motorola D11 may be a newbie but it's certainly no shrinking violet.  This hot little honey has broken onto the scene, knocking us out with its elegant looks, vibrant display and handy functions.  Feeling curious?  Read on for a tasty expose of this cool phone with the film star charisma.

The D11 is indeed a stylish fellow.  Clad in matt black (the ultimate cool colour), its beautifully slim body is a joy to hold...and it's easy to hold too, thanks to a slight roughness in its plastic jacket.  And while the handset design is fairly plain, the understated appearance adds to the D11's sense of classic cool.  However, the Motorola D11 does have one impressively showy feature - a full-on 1.6" colour display which is the cordless phone equivalent of big beautiful eyes.

Just because the D11 is a looker doesn't mean that it's all style with no substance.  It's equipped with all manner of practical features, such as a 100 number phone book, GAP compatibility, built-in speakerphone, SMS messaging support and room monitor function.  Not bad for the mysterious Humphrey Bogart of the digital cordless phone world!  You can also buy the D11 in two variants: just the basic handset (D1101) or the headset with an answering machine (D1111).  Should you plump for the version with the answering machine, you'll get 12 minutes of recording time, a seven segment LED message counter and remote access capability.

Motorola have also heeded the call of the eco-crowd with the D11.  It's made from a minimum of 20% recycled materials so that you needn't feel quite as bad about the amount of rubbish you disgard.  In addition, this classy digital cordless phone possesses an eco mode to help preserve battery life.

There are a lot of nice digital cordless phones out there, but the Motorola D11 has to be one of the best in terms of looks and functions.  If you're looking for a stylish phone with handy features, the D11 is a top buy...especially at the enticing liGo prices of £71.99 for the D1101 and £91.99 for the D1111.  You can even purchase each version with several of its super sexy brethren.  And you thought that class couldn't be bought!