So this week we wrap up our time looking back at IFA 2014. We got to see some of the most cutting edge technology available today, and coming soon, with the smartwatch and other wearable tech being the big focus for many.

We always look to see what's around the corner when we are at an event like this, we look to the smaller companies who are looking to carve their way into the tech world by being more innovative that the major manufacturers. This article, and award for best innovation, is to showcase one such company who are already looking beyond the smartwatch.

Smart what?


Yes, it is precisely what it looks like. This is a smart ring that will allow you to see basic notifications on your finger, similar to the budget smartwatches on show but much smaller and very sleek in design. The MOTA smart ring will show you who is calling, text and email previews and has an update to cover most social media applications in the pipeline. This is could very well be the next, next big thing.


The big problem with smart watches, and I mean that both figuratively and literally,  is the size. Often they are quite bulky and very conspicuous. The smart ring looks to combat that problem, although it is similarly big when compared to a regular ring.

Don't expect to have anything other than the most basic of notifications on this device. In order to maintain it's size, and battery life, the very bare minimum of features can be installed. This then lumps the device in with the basic smartwatches, in that it offers nothing more than the most meagre convenience.


The first batch of production models is expected to ship in April 2015, at the reasonable price of $75 it is worth the price for such an innovative gadget.