The Doro Liberto 650 mobile phone is one of the newest additions to the successful Doro range of communication devices, and the second model in the new Liberto brand. Whilst maintaining its simplicity, which is characteristic of Doro phones, the Liberto 650 now comes with a camera and browser that makes it the perfect device for those looking for a phone sitting between a smartphone and feature phone.

Well made camera phone

The Liberto 650 is a simplified but elegant camera phone that gives you convenient ways to communicate and access your emails and the internet so you stay connected wherever you are. The web browser allows you to visit your favourite websites from your phone, so you are able to keep up with news. The 650 also lets you listen to FM radio or your favourite MP3 music, and access a host of other useful features including reminders, weather, and vibrating ringer.

Grumpy senior couple with telephoneUser-friendly design

Not all consumers are ready to make the big leap from feature phones to smartphones, but would like access to more functionality, like read their email on the go, and the Doro Liberto 650 offers an inclusive and comfortable step along the way. It is a stylish clamshell mobile phone, super elegant with a high gloss front and back, 2MP camera on the top portion.

Flipping it open, it gives you a highly customisable user interface with rubberised buttons. This device also contains the unique features that make Doro phones stand out from the rest, like the large, spaced buttons, including power and call and a dedicated voice mail. You can also store vital information on your phone, such medicine information, emergency contacts, or allergies for first responders in the event of an accident.

Great access

The 650 is a smart-thinking 3G phone that is specially designed to offer parents and seniors a smartphone like experience, so they are more confident to share more with their devices. The features are extremely easy to use, like the brilliantly designed email client that displays email in a simple format, which makes reading your email as easy as reading SMS.

Why should you buy this mobile phone?

Besides its simple and easy to use interface, the Liberto 650 weighs only 110 grams, and comes with big buttons, large text, email and web browser functions, 2 MP camera, and hearing aid compatibility.