If you're anything like me, you spend at least a few minutes every week striding around looking for something obvious which you misplaced.

I don't know why it is – as much as I try to put my keys, phone, and wallet in the same place every time, inevitably I somehow misplace them time and time again.

Never catastrophically, mind you: they are always somewhere relatively close to where they are supposed to be, and yet I will bumble around – excruciatingly near what I am looking for – for ten, fifteen minutes before discovering where I placed it.

Is there really a solution?

I've always wished I had some device which could just tell me where my stuff is. When I heard about the Gigaset G-tag, I knew what I needed had arrived.

Making use of BlueTooth Low Energy technology, the Gigaset G-Tag acts like a sort of miniature beacon which can interface with your Android or iOS BlueTooth device to help you locate whatever it is you've lost.

The G-Tag tracks the location of the objects and saves them in a GPS enabled map whenever the G-Tag is in communication with your device, meaning that should you manage to lose something, you have its last known location saved.gigaset g-tag

Trying it for Myself

I opted to get the 3 Pack of the Gigaset G-Tag, since I knew I would need more than one. The first one went on the most obvious item: my key ring.

Second one I slipped in my wallet (for just in case) and the third I couldn't find any item to affix it to, so I tossed it in the glove box of my car.

As it turns out, this may have been the most useful one.


g-tagSetting up the G-Tag is pretty easy. I installed the app on my iPhone and quickly had all 3 of my G-Tag's configured and working.

You can name each of them and look through the G-Tag app to see information such as last known location and if the G-Tag is in BlueTooth range or not.

One of the features I like the most is the ability to enable notifications for if BlueTooth communication is lost or re-established with your tags.

For me, this means never walking out of somewhere without my keys or wallet again. Assuming I haven't forgotten my phone (which admittedly might be asking a lot sometimes,) I get notified as soon as I'm out of BlueTooth range of my keys and I can immediately head back.

If I've lost them but I'm searching around, if I even get barely back into BlueTooth range, my phone will let me know I'm on the right course.

This is awesome for keeping track of the stuff I carry in my pockets everyday, but the G-Tag has also allowed me to never wander aimlessly around a parking lot again.

The Last Known Position feature means that by tossing a G-Tag in my glove compartment, I always know exactly where I left my car just by glancing at the G-Tag app.

The Simple Things

An affordable and simple way to keep track of your possessions, the G-Tag is the kind of thing I have been hoping to own for a very long time.

It has already simplified my life and given me the peace of mind to know that it is much, much more difficult for me to lose track of the items I need to function everyday!