It is a common assumption that listening to classical musical can boost your mental activity, but a recent study conducted by Mindlab International shows that listening to music - in any genre that complements your work - increases both your speed and accuracy. Neuropsychologists claim that music is a powerful management tool that increases the efficiency of your employees, as well as their emotional and mental well-being, because people tend to become more positive about work when music is playing.

To determine the most favourable music genre for different types of tasks, the 5-day study involved 26 participants performing various tasks, including abstract reasoning, equation solving, spell-checking, mathematical word problems, and equation solving while listening to one of four music genres and when there was no music at all.

So, What Should You Listen to at Work?

Pop music

This is the best genre of music to play when working to meet strict deadlines. The participants were able to complete data entry tasks 58 percent faster when listening to pop music than when there was no music at all. Pop music also resulted in faster spell-checking, and produced the quickest overall performance for getting the tasks done, when played alongside dance music, by reducing mistakes by 14 percent.

Dance music

Listening to dance music promotes overall accuracy and faster task performance for a range of duties, making it ideal for problem solving and proof-reading.

black ear  buds.Ambient music

This type of music is both interesting and ignorable, and was found to enhance accuracy for completing tasks that involve equations.

Classical music

This genre is ideal for those whose work entails numbers or attention to detail. Playing classical music when tackling mathematical problems increased the accuracy of the participants by 12 percent, compared to when no music was playing.

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