As we move into December, winter has well and truly arrived. With the long, cold nights drawing in, what better way to warm up than with our selection of acoustic tracks? The liGo team have carefully chosen some of the most hygge songs in our record collections, from the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Belle & Sebastian, and more. Click here to listen now.

liGo Playlist Winter 2018

The perfect hygge soundtrack

In previous posts, we've talked about creating a more hygge atmosphere in your home. While interior decor is certainly important, there's more to it than that. To truly capture that hygge feeling, you need to involve all five of the senses. Not only should your hyggenrok look the part, but it should totally captivate the body. Scented candles are a must, as are soft blankets, as well as some favourite comfort food. Yet many people overlook perhaps the most important sense of all for hygge: hearing.

Music can have an enormous impact on our thoughts and feelings. Within the space of a three-minute song, we can be moved to tears, or receive the adrenaline rush needed to power through a workout. While everyone has their own individual music tastes, we are united by the emotions which our favourite songs can evoke within us. There have been countless scientific studies which have explored this phenomena. These have found that music encourages the brain to release extra amounts of dopamine, the "happy hormone".

If you’re trying to create a hygge atmosphere, then, the right soundtrack is essential. While there’s nothing wrong with rocking out from time to time, louder songs are at odds with hygge’s sense of calm and serenity. For that reason, we’ve focused on softer acoustic tracks for our playlist. As you listen, feel free to let your mind wander, or even settle down for a nap.