The contemporary version of the 1950s American Diner Phone by Wild & Wolf can make every day feel like a walk back in time. This corded phone has retained the original bell mechanism, authentic rotary look, solid build, and heaviness, though it is lightweight enough to allow wall mounting.

Key features

Retro Design

Unlike its 1950s counterpart, the modern Wild & Wolf American Diner Phone does not require any dimes, nickels, or quarters; simply plug it into a standard UK phone socket. It looks more like a decorative piece than a functional device, but that is until you pick up the receiver and hear the dial tone. It comes with an extra long coiled handset cord so you are not tied to the phone when talking and usable decorative coin slots and cash box that you can use as a saving bank


Easy to use

The 1950s Diner Phone packs some useful features, including aloud ring, pulse/tone switch, ringer volume on/off switch, and earpiece volume control, but even more importantly, it features push-button technology so users can connect faster.

FAQ from our customers

Q: Does the phone need to be connected to a mains power supply?

A: No. The only thing you need is a phone line with a dial tone that plugs via a standard RJ11 plug.

wild&WolfQ: Can you access the coins that you drop via the slot?

A: Yes. The coin bank comes with a little key so you can get back your coin savings. While it is not an actual pay phone, anyone can drop coins into the slots to experience the nice, nostalgic ding sound each time, and leave the coins for later retrieval.

Q: Are there colour options for the phone?

A: Yes. You can opt to buy one with a chrome or black finish.

Customer rating

With an average customer review of 4/5, 80 percent of users who have purchased this corded phone would recommend it to others. It is stylish, easy to set up, easy to use, offers great sound quality, and has a beautiful design so it looks impressive on your wall or desk.



Users love the Wild & Wolf 1950s American Diner Phone, and have sought creative ways to make owning it even more pleasant. For instance, some use a wireless phone jack to eliminate the need for connecting phone cables to different rooms, since it comes with a single phone socket. Additionally, users who have experienced some interference have added a BT ADSL Filter to make the line perfect.