The Plantronics SupraPlus HW251 Wideband Monaural Voice Tube headset combines comfort and performance. It sets the standard for durable, lightweight corded headsets, making it one of the most trusted headsets for office professionals and contact centres around the globe. It works with both wideband-enabled VoIP systems and standard office phone systems to provide richer, more natural conversations.

Key Benefits

Build quality

For a corded headset under £50, the HW251 can't be topped. The monaural style lets you listen to phone conversations as well as what is going on around you, the headband easily twists out of the way for convenient quick call pick up, and its compatibility with other Plantronics devices and Quick Disconnect feature lets you work with all Plantronics USB-to-headset adaptors and audio processors.


Plantronics headsets offer audio quality that professionals can rely on. The SupraPlus features an extended boom for trend-setting noise-cancelling and echo performance. Additionally, the wideband receivers enhance speech clarity for life-like dependability, which helps to reduce listener fatigue, repeats, and listening errors. It also comes with a Plantronics amplifier featuring Clearline or AudioIQ technology that equalises call volumes, protects from loud noises, and reduces echoes and background noises.


The HW251 is ideal for people who use headsets for work, as it has been designed for all day comfort. The soft T-pad headband, bendable click-stop mic boom, and lightweight flexible cable all work together to improve user comfort.


FAQ from our customers

Q. Does the HW251 come with any connectors?

A. No, they must be purchased separately.

Q. Is this headset compatible with iPhone?

A. No. Direct connect solutions are only available with headset-ready phones and agent consoles.

Q. When plugged into my phone, I can hear callers but they can’t hear me. What could be the problem?

A. You need to take the handset off the hook. Some phones come with a headset-labelled button that you press to use a headset.

Q. Does it plug into a standard telephone port?

A. The HW251 will plug into any normal rj9/rj10 headset plug with the A10 adaptor.

Customer Rating

With an average customer review of 4.5/5, 90 percent of consumers agree that this is an excellent headset and recommend it for use around the office.

Our Verdict

Simply put, the SupraPlus HW251 headset meets or exceeds all expectations set by other Plantronics world-class professional headsets while offering superior all-day, every-day comfort and reliability. It is a great product for all day professional use, and it is comfortable with exceptionally clear sound. Overall, this is a great purchase and very affordable on a modest business budget