Baby monitors have come a long way in the past decade, and the MBP27T Digital Video Baby Monitor features Motorola’s latest technology to help parents monitor the health of their little one. So, you not only get a magnificent baby monitoring system, but also a handy thermometer for checking your baby’s food, fever, and bath water owing to the built-in no-touch infrared temperature sensor.

Key features

Image quality

You can watch real-time video of your baby’s room on the 2.4-inch TFT LCD colour screen on parent unit, and hear every sound or movement made by your little one owing to the high-sensitivity microphone. You can also control your Motorola MBP27T’s camera to pan and tilt the video feed remotely as your baby moves so you can re-centre the camera on your little one, and expand your monitoring capabilities with up to 4 cameras.



Motorola baby monitors are typically easy to set up, and with a strong wireless range of up to 300 metres, intuitive controls, and infra-red for night-time monitoring (when lights get low), you can have peace of mind knowing that you can check on your little one remotely, at any time of day or night, and from any part of the house. For additional convenience, the MBP27T has an out-of-range alarm warning, LED lights to indicate the level of sound activity in your baby’s room, two-way communication, and low battery alert.

An in-built temperature-sensor

The integration of a no-touch infrared temperature sensor means that you can use your Motorola MBP27T to check on your little one’s fever, or adjust the temperature of their bath water or food with ease.


FAQ from our customers

Q. Does the Motorola MBP27T come with VOX function?

A. No. Provided the units are switched on, you will continue to receive sound and video.

Q. Does the system operate during power cuts?

A. The camera does not have batteries and must be plugged in to the mains power to work. So, without power, the system will not be functional. The parent unit, however, has rechargeable batteries with a favourable battery life.

Customer rating

With a customer rating of 4.9/5 from previous users, 99 percent of the people who have used the MBP27T would recommend it to others.


The Motorola MBP27T digital video baby monitor has been in stock for just a short period, but within that time, it has become very popular among our customers. With a remarkable range that lets you see and listen in on your little one even when you are at your neighbour’s place, and a bunch of other practical features, the MBP27T is a good quality video monitor that gives you value for money.