Combining straightforward handling, elegant design, and the innovative state-of-the-art technology that consumers have come to expect in Gigaset’s range of phones, the Siemens Gigaset C430A is the ideal mid-range digital cordless phone for any home.

The C430A offers an integrated answering machine with 30 minutes of recording time, high sound performance for brilliant voice quality, and is expandable up to six handsets for the user’s convenience.


Key Benefits

Packed with practical family phone features, the C430A is designed to simplify your household routine. It offers various benefits, including:

Constant connectivity

You can expand your C430A cordless phone with up to six handsets, allowing you to answer calls wherever you are in your home without much inconvenience. When you are not available, the built-in answering machine will pick up the calls and store up to 30 minutes of message recording. You can customise the greeting or select one of the preset messages.

Solid performance

The Gigaset C430A comes with a host of practical features for households, including a 150-entry phonebook, each with storage options for a full name and three numbers. You can mark “VIPs” and set reminders for special occasions. In addition, the day/night switch mutes the ringtone and dims the light whenever you need some peace and quiet, and the anonymous call-silencing feature permits calls from specific people only to ring.

Long and flexible call times

With an impressive talk time of up to 14 hours, you can talk for a long time without worrying about the phone battery life. The C430A also has reliable cordless phone technology with great standby time (300 hours) so you can move with your handset around your home. If you need to multitask while on the phone, you can use the compatible Gigaset L410 hands-free clip.


FAQ from our customers

Q: Does it operate when there is a power failure?
A: Yes and no. The handsets continue to work on their internal batteries, allowing you to call other handsets in the home, but since the base station has no power, you can’t make external calls.
Q: Does it have Caller Display?
A: Yes, if you have saved those contacts on the handset or have subscribed for the service from your subscriber.
Q: Can you view the list of calls received in the past few days?
A: Yes
Q: Can the base unit be mounted on the wall?
A: Yes
Q: Can you copy the directory between handsets?
A: Yes

Customer rating

Ninety percent of customers would recommend the Gigaset C430A. It is by far superior to the Gigaset model it replaced. It is easy to set up, looks good, has all the features you need in a phone, has brilliant sound quality, and is ECO friendly.

Our verdict

The Gigaset C430A gives you excellent value for money alongside features you wouldn't expect from a phone in this price range.