The BT Elements 1K cordless phone is a functional, sturdy phone; the kind that can withstand day to day accidental abuse and won’t fall apart if dropped multiple times. In addition to the excellent phone built, a good grip and comfortable soft touch feel, this phone has a remarkably long range and a host of other useful features.

Key Features

Long range

Many "normal" range phones do not quite meet user expectations, with indoor range of about 50m and outdoor range of 300m, but this cordless BT Elements DECT phone has a remarkable outdoor range of up to 1 km. It can also hold its charge for about 24 hours, so users with large gardens or estates, as well as those who answer over one hundred calls a day, can still use their phone comfortably - without any drop in quality - when they are away from the cradle.


With a range that far exceeds that of other long range phones, it is only rational that the BT Elements phone be certified to the International Standard IP67. This phone is resistant to the environment, meaning that water splashes against the enclosure have no harmful effect on it. Users can also use the phone in dusty environments without worrying about malfunction of the equipment, giving you the freedom to enjoy calls in the outdoors.



The phone comes as a single, duo, trio or quad set, but you have the option to increase the number of handsets up to five without having to add phone sockets. If you decide to buy an additional handset, you just have to follow the short and simple process outlined in your product user guide to connect it to your existing phone system.

FAQ from our customers

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: 2-3 days. When used in busy office settings with over 20 calls an hour, the charge can stay 24-36 hours.

Q: How do you get the caller ID to work?

A: Users should subscriber to the BTU Caller Display Service on analogue lines in order to see texts.

Q: Does the phone come with a belt clip?

A: Yes. It has a plastic fin that is very strong.

Q: Is it VoIP compatible?

A: Where described as compatible, it applies when the phone is used with an appropriate VoIP service, like BTU’s Broadband Talk service. You also need the necessary hardware, such as the BTU Home Hub since the model is not a standalone VoIP telephone.

Consumer Rating

The phone has a rating of 4.5 out of 5, with most customers appreciating its long range, even in difficult terrain, big buttons, ease of use, lightweight, and easy to read screen. 90 percent of consumers would recommend the BT Elements 1k DECT cordless phone.


Should you buy the BT Elements 1K cordless phone? If you work outside in the fields, taking orders at the far end of a busy factory without a reliable mobile reception, dropping the phone occasionally, then this is definitely the phone for you.