Step 1: Preparing your existing RTX Wireless Phone Jack system

Make sure the existing Wireless Phone Jack system (base and extension unit) is powered on.

Unplug any cords attached to the Base unit (these will be connected again later)

Plug the extra extension into a power outlet near the Base unit and switch power on. This will activate a red light on the Extension unit. A red light will be activated before changing to either green or yellow (depending on the switch you have selected). This will take up to a minute.

Once the light changes on the Extension unit, unplug the phone line cord between the Base unit and the Extension unit.

Re-plug the cords you have unplugged.

Step 2: Extension unit Installation

Plug the phone line cord from your phone, modem, fax or satellite/cable set top box into the Extension unit

There is a switch by the connection “S” Speech (phone) and “C” Computer (modem, fax or satellite). Select the switch for which ever item you wish to connect.

Plug the Extension unit into a power outlet and switch power on. The light on top of the extension unit will after a short period glow green (if switch is on C) or yellow (if switch is on S)

The Extension unit is now installed and your Wireless Phone Jack is now ready for use.

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* Please note the above steps are suggestions and you should always refer to the manuals provided by the manufacturer.