*Pairing your Voyager 855 with Plantronics QuickPair technology:


Your new headset includes Plantronics QuickPair technology to simplify the Bluetooth setup process. The first time you turn your headset on, your headset automatically enters pairing mode for 10 minutes. Once paired successfully, your headset stays on for instant use.

If not successfully paired after 10 minutes, your headset automatically powers off. When you turn the headset on again, it automatically goes into pairing mode until successfully paired with a Bluetooth phone.


*Pairing your Voyager 855 manually:

1) Turn ON the Bluetooth feature on your phone.

2) Press and hold the call control button to turn on your headset. (The indicator flashes red/blue to show that the headset is on and in pairing mode.)

3) Use the commands on your phone to locate your headset.

4) When prompted for the passkey, enter 0000.

When the pairing is successful, the red/blue indicator on your headset turns off. Your headset is now connected and ready to use.