liGo is now a Google certified shop; meaning you can shop securely and confidently with the backing of one of the largest companies online!
As customers we are constantly exposed to new online retailers, offering to sell us the newest and best. But who can we really trust? Well, internet giant Google has come to the rescue, with its reliable Google Certified Shops programme.

What is the Google Certified Shops programme?

Google puts it simply, “Shop knowing that you’ll receive reliable dispatch, excellent customer service and free purchase protection with Google Certified Shops.” This means Google trusts its certified merchants so much, that in the unlikely case a problem does arise, they offer to help resolve your issue and protect purchases for up to £1,000.


How do e-shops become certified by Google?

Once a seller signs up for a certified merchant account, Google enters the shop into a qualification period of at least 30 days. Google uses this time to collect data and assess the seller’s eligibility to participate in the Google Certified Shops programme. During the evaluation period, shoppers are invited to send feedback to Google via an e-mail survey – so only the truly reliable and trustworthy merchants are ever certified! Once the evaluation period is completed, Google provides the Certified Shops badge, to proudly display on their homepage.

Online shopping you can trust

There are so many choices for consumers in the 21st century: According to a report by the UK parliament, average weekly internet sales peaked at £8.1 billion in December 2013. That is massive considering only 11.1% of purchases are made online, and these numbers are reflective of the UK market only! So choose wisely when deciding where you buy your Christmas gifts this year.

liGo received 161 reviews over the past 12 months, with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. That means 94% positive feedback of our outstanding customer service and ultra quick dispatch time!