Whereas the humble headset was once regarded as a tool for posers and call centre workers, that tacky image has now been well and truly shattered by the recognition that it is indeed a hugely effective and efficient part of the business world.  Not only do they provide users with a more comfortable experience, headsets play a huge role in increasing levels of productivity and in providing easier, clearer communication to customers and clients.

Here at liGo we've seen an incredible surge in headset sales which reflects their vital role in any forward-thinking business.  If you're still unsure as to how headsets can really benefit your business, maybe it's a time to take a look at what makes these handy gadgets so indispensible.

The two types of headset, corded and wireless, each have specific advantages to different types of business.  Corded models are a cost-effective solution for workers that spend their day at a desk or for call centre workers.  The main points to look for in a headset are robustness and clear audio quality.  Corded headsets are often subjected to frequent use and so need to be able to stand up to the rigours of everyday business use and the mishandling that frequently accompanies such use!  Naturally, these headsets also need to be able to produce crystal clear sound: the communication necessary for any successful venture needs to be absolutely without static, interference or muffling.  Better communication means better customer service and better call handling times.  This, of course, culminates in closer business relationships - the aim of every company!  It may seem obvious but it is amazing how many businesses fail to appreciate the crucial communications clarity factor.  The team at liGo have taken great pains to offer excellent corded headsets with the best audio technology available; developments such as audio processors are included in several of our products to provide the clearest sound possible.

We haven't failed to notice the unprecedented growth in wireless headsets either.  Many businesses now demand that their staff sound be able to work "on the go" and wireless headsets offer the increases mobility and flexibility these firms require.  And not only do they help the ever-mobile movers and shakers, they assist the office-based worker too by providing them with the ability to move around.  The liGo team have been careful to scrutinise studies into employee satisfaction, and one particular 12 month study demonstrated the critical contribution that wireless headsets make to worker satisfaction by enabling staff to walk away from their desks.  It hasn't escaped our notice that an employee who feels more "free" and relaxed around the office performs better at their duties and is more effectual in their communication.

With the increasing use of computer-based telephony and the software that goes with it, we predict a major rise in headsets that allow for unified communications.  This means you can expect to see a new wealth of integrated headsets that will cater for the different forms of communication systems, something that will undoubtedly permit greater freedom of communication choices and be more financially appealing to forward-thinking firms.  It is our view that such headsets will play a core role in the success of any venture in the future.  But it's not just about the integration: in order to cope with the noisiness of such computer technology, noise cancelling and voice filtering will need to become mainstays in these multi-faceted headsets.

When it comes to the professionalism of any company, serious thought needs to be put into headset purchase.  They are front-line tools that can make or break any business.  If you want real help and advice in equipping your workplace with these crucial pieces of technology, liGo are on hand to give you all the assistance you need.  From the smallest firm to multinational companies, you'll have people working as "relationship builders" or "custom generators" for whom the ability to communicate easily and clearly is vital to the success of the company.  The team at liGo appreciate the needs of the modern business and are here to offer their expert services.