liGo is a CO2 Neutral Website

CO2 Neutral WebsiteAll websites emit carbon (CO2) due to electricity consumed both by us and by the people visiting our site, which is why liGo has registered to the co2neutralwebsite initiative. This means that the carbon emissions caused by our site are offset through various worthy projects from setting up new renewable energy sources to CO2 reduction schemes.

We help save the rainforest

The co2neutralwebsite program is currently supporting a rainforest conservation project in Ecuador, South America that not only will offset Carbon emissions but also help safeguard the wildlife that depends on the critically threatened forests located in the Rio Canandé wildlife reserve.

We help the rainforest

The project is part of Carbon Balanced, a World Land Trust (WLT) programme designed to protect an endemic rich habitat – the Choco – which is under very little protection and has been subject to intenstive agriculture and timer extraction.

Tropical forests throughout the world have suffered from devastating deforestation and our contributions to the Rio Canandé project will help preserve crucially important forest under imminent threat of clearance.

Further CO2 reducing projects

For the past few years, the co2neutral initiative has been supporting an Energy Efficient Stove project in Kenya, where families often rely on open fires for cooking (which can be unhealthy as well as causing CO2 emissions). The reduced need for firewood has resulted in the equivalent of 85.73 hectares of woodland being saved, and has helped to minimise the instances of smoke related illnesses.

Energy Efficient Stove

The CO2 reductions are quantified and documented by independent auditors through the Gold Standard process (started by WWF).