The latest on the liGo Bluewave: a round-up of reviews

liGo Bluewave

OK, let’s be honest about it. Of course the team at liGo is keen to promote the benefits of Bluewave. We think it’s a fantastic piece of kit. But if you’re a savvy consumer you’ll be looking for more than our endorsement.

That’s why we’re proud to publish reviews of liGo Bluewave on our own website. Customers on Amazon, Best Buy and C/Net have all given the technology between 4 and 5 out of 5. Then again, consumer opinion changes all the time and everyone has their own preferences as to how, where and when they like to handle their phone calls.

So we’re adding to the mix with a round-up of what the web’s been saying about the latest phone technology to hit the UK, plus some of the more personal benefits people are discovering.

Here we go…

The money saving experts get right to the root of Bluewave’s benefits. They praise the cost saving advantages of maximising those free mobile minutes by cutting out landline call charges – and in particular the control the system gives you over dangerous teenager’s phone bills.

These guys are keen on Bluewave for its ability to eliminate deadspots – but they do counsel against the possible weight-gain you might experience when you no longer have to engage in complicated acrobatics to get a mobile signal.

Bonjour Life loves the fact that you can charge your mobile fully whilst you route mobile calls through your landline handset. Check out our full blog for more information on this issue.

The home working gurus like the business and cost benefits of the system - so much so that just a few days ago they gave a hub away to one lucky winner! appreciates the benefits of routing mobile calls through a landline handset if you happen to have a penchant for long phone calls in the bath and don’t want to risk dropping your mobile in the tub.

Want to see Bluewave in action?

Some new customers are so curious about the hub and its capabilities that they’ve documented the whole experience on YouTube. So if you’re looking for a first-hand view of how the technology works check these out:
MrPhatSlim unboxes the system
A full video review from coolsmartphone

Or you can watch our own video walking you through the benefits of liGo Bluewave and how to set it up. Watch the video now