There are several common features across corded telephones that make them ideal for business purposes, including sound quality, reliability, and operation even during power outages, among others. But there are some that stand out more, like the DX800A by Gigaset, which is an all-in-one professional multiline desktop phone that combines a professional look and feel with great business functionality for the ultimate talent and office efficiency, making it ideal for small businesses and home offices.

Gigaset DX800A Connectivity

The Siemens Gigaset DX800A offers a Next Generation-ready solution via its hybrid connectivity to all connection types so you have a real investment for the future. You can configure the DX800A to either VoIP with fixed line, or VoIP with ISDN, based on the needs of your office, and re-configure it as your business needs for the future change. Since it is a multi-line phone, the DX800A can support up to 4 parallel calls, which is great for busy environment, and if you need to expand the usage with multiple handsets, it can support up to 6.

Professional contact management

The DX800A all-in-one comes equipped with a 1000 vCard phonebook and allows you to access your Outlook contacts for professional management of your contacts. The phone also provides access to online business directories and telephone books to make it easier to find information about other companies through an automatic search function.

Remarkable freedom

The DX800A allows you to connect up to 6 handsets from the wide range of Gigaset handsets, so you have as much freedom to make calls as you need. With connectivity to multiple lines, your employees also have the freedom to make up to 4 outgoing calls simultaneously.

Stay in touch

The DX800A comes with three separate answering machines with a cumulative recording time of 55 minutes, so you will never miss important messages even when you are away. This desktop will always let you know when there are pending messages by either text message or a message on the colour display. In addition, the answering machine allows you to record entire conversations, which can be extremely useful for small and home offices.

Mobile and Fax connection

DX800AThe DX800A comes with a Link2Mobile function that lets you integrate your mobile phone into your corded phone’s network. This implies that you have the freedom to answer all received calls using any connected telephone, and use Gigaset telephones to make mobile calls, since all lines can be accessed via a single handset. You can also connect a fax machine to the to your desktop phone via the analogue port, so you don’t need a separate fax.

Basically, the Gigaset DX800A is packed with useful features that are also easy to use. It has a large LCD screen that lets you see who’s calling before answering, display menus, and view other functions; clear and effective HD sound, and a large 1,000-contact address book, among others. But perhaps the most intriguing extra on the DX800A is its Bluetooth functionality, which allows your employees to overcome poor mobile phone reception by pairing your mobile with the Gigaset phone via Bluetooth. This is particularly useful if your workstation is located in the worst place in the office for receiving good mobile phone network, and you have to stick your head outside the window to make or receive calls.