Nothing derails a fun family road trip faster than jaded backseat passengers. Holidays are highly anticipated, but long vehicle rides can seem longer when your children are bored. Young kids tend to get fussy, anxious, whiny, irritable, and full of questions when they sit for too long without doing anything.

If you have some active and energetic kids, the following tips could help keep children of all ages happy and entertained while having a fabulous time on those family road trips:

1. Books on Disc

Start at the age of 3, most children can follow story lines, which means that fairy tales and other interesting stories on disc or tape can be a great way to capture the attention of kids and pass time on the road. Your children can listen on their individual portable audio players with headphones while the adults listen to something more suited to their tastes, or you can all listen together as a family.


2. Let the children take pictures

Children will always copy what they see their parents or other people doing. People always have a camera when travelling, so if your kids are old enough, get them a camera of their own. It could be a disposable or inexpensive digital camera that they can use to take pictures of anything that fascinates them outside or inside the car. This will keep them occupied for a while.


3. Prepare an art kit

Children love to draw and be imaginative. You can create art kit with a few basic items in your home to keep them busy on the road. Your kit should contain some papers, activity pages, crayons, markers, and colour pencils, and perhaps a hard surface to work on. You should have enough activity pages or papers to last the entire duration of the trip, and hand them over in sets so your child does not go through them in a single setting.

4. Carry fun toys

There are many car-friendly toys that you can pack easily without occupying too much space. You can opt for self-contained toys that have attached parts or pieces that are stored within the main component, like Magna Doodle or Etch-A-sketch; quiet electronic toys, like toddler laptops or training guitar; interactive books; cars, trains, or animal figurines; or card games.

Three wooden toy cars in a row

5. Bring snacks

Hungry kids can drive you insane, so you should consider packing some snacks to keep their small bellies satisfied. There are many snacks that can help to keep them happier for longer, such as fruit snacks, crackers, and gummies. You can even have some fruits and vegetables. What is important is that you keep a variety, provide each child with a water bottle or sipping cup, and stay away from hard candies that may choke them.

Preparing adequately and including multiple fun activities when planning for family road trips can present a great opportunity to create memories that you and your family will cherish forever.