You and your children have probably watched and re-watched some top films like ‘Cars’, ‘Toy Story’, and ‘Cinderella’, among others enough times that you can recite the script almost flawlessly. They are smitten, and there is nothing you can do about it!

Ever wondered why this happened?

Both boys and girls obsess and repeatedly watch or read a few specific films or books, beyond what you would consider ‘normal’. This usually happens when your child gets fixated on a film or particular character, and you have to live through several months, one year, or even more of that consuming passion in the name of being a good, loving parent.

The attraction to a particular story or movie could be because it has been hyped, or the characters are like-able, or the story is comforting for your child. It is important that you know why your children are drawn to something, so you can get them interested in other things, as well. For movies and books, it is possible that they take comfort in the predictability of what particular characters will do next. It could also because of the stimulation, excitement, and need to learn something that interests them.


How can you get them interested in other things?

If you bemoan the fact that you can recite lines from your child’s most recent obsession after accompanying him/her for the umpteenth time, there is something you can do to rescue yourself:

1. Introduce them to something new

If your child is fixated on one specific film or book, you should consider introducing him to some new and interesting films or movies. Be prepared to have a huge collection of different movies, particularly cartoons and animations, so find a way to keep them close for interchanging and diversity. The change may just be what is needed to get them off their obsession, and give you back some sanity. This should be easier when Disney Movies Anywhere finally comes to the UK.

2. Use distractions to divert his attention

When your child asks for the umpteenth time to watch their favourite film again, or perhaps read them the same book or story that you have read for nearly every night the past year, you can suggest something completely different to get their mind in a different place. Good alternatives include games, crafts, outdoor play or other entertaining activities.


3. Tell them that you need a break

Letting your children know how you feel about something is also a learning process for them, so they know that their actions also impact other people. It is okay to ask your children directly to consider an alternative film, book, story, or activity since you have been doing whatever they are asking for, for so long.

In the event that none of the options mentioned work, you may have to invest in some good headphones or earplugs so you can relax or listen to something you love at the same time. As for books and stories, you may have to keep alternating with your partner or spouse until their obsession ends.