Mobile phones have come a long way these days. The advent of the smartphone has sparked a new era in technology – and not just across the mobile phone market. We recently featured two style statements in the cordless arena – the Punkt DP 01 and the Sagemcom Sixty – both of which offer a contemporary twist on a classic style. But that’s not all that’s happening in mobile phones at the moment. So today we’ve put together 5 of the hottest new concepts and designs that are mixing things up on the mobile market.

Is it a bracelet? Is it a mobile phone? No, it’s…er…both

wrist phone

One of the hottest trends in mobile technology – the wrist phone – is being picked up not just by edge of the scene designers but by the big boys as well. Nokia’s interpretation of the theory, the Morph series, offers a cool futuristic design in a mobile that doubles up as a trendy bangle. The Ben Q-Siemens also wraps stylishly around the wrist. What’s the thinking behind this trend? It’s about experiencing the joy of statement design plus the security of easy body contact carrying and access. Simple!

One for boys who love their toys

Putting the play back into your day, the Blackberry Terminator 9900 is tipped to kick off a new era of messing around with your mobile phone. Email, call and even film whilst rediscovering your inner child and without ever having to visit a toy shop. OK, OK…girls can play too…

A mobile phone – or just showing off?

Cryptex Phone

We love new innovations in mobile  phone design but some of the latest concepts really do focus on style over usability. Take the Cryptex – a model that does everything it possibly can to disguise what it actually is. The idea is that you twist any coil to turn the phone on or off, and dial numbers by twisting individual coils. That’s if you can find the phone in the first place, given that it seems to be doing a very convincing impression of a glow stick mounted in a sugar cube. Original and contemporary though it might be, in reality this model’s likely to lead to only one thing: repetitive strain injury.

Modular is the new black

These days we want – nay expect – to be able to do clever stuff with our mobile phones, so the trend for modular is bound to satisfy gadget lovers. Our favourite pioneer in this area – not only for its tantalisingly sophisticated looks but also for its clever functions - is the Conduit designed by Tirshathah Hunter. With three modular components (mobile phone, camera, and stylus equipped PDA) you can build it up or break it down to your heart’s content. Or take the opportunity to impress at your next meeting by using the modular pieces to support a roll-up screen for the trendiest of presentations.

A window into the future

Those who appreciate minimalism and like to turn heads will be drawn to designer Mac Funamizu’s new transparent mobile phone concept – the somewhat tritely named Glassy Glassy. We’re assured that the technology behind this see-through model protects against breakages and will be commonplace in the future. For the moment, though, a transparent mobile phone that only reveals itself when it’s turned on is a serious novelty and one that’s bound to get people talking.