A conference phone is an exceptionally convenient device for anyone who takes calls with multiple participants in the same physical location. Enabling something of a more natural and organic conversation experience between the participants, the conference phone is a fantastic aid to business meeting or any other organisational conference.

Like most facets of electronics technology, the conference phone has been improved upon by the digital revolution. The Jabra Speak is a conference phone device which can connect to a computer or Bluetooth compatible device to function as a high quality conference phone. Completely portable and able to interface with an array of devices, the Speak represents a new evolution of the age old conference phone concept.

Functionally Better

With the Speak, Jabra did more than simply make a portable conference phone device in the run-of-the-mill fashion. They took this opportunity to create a better conference phone which is more geared to suit the real world needs of its usage.

Jabra_speak_largeAt first glance the Speak doesn't look much like a phone – its appearance more closely resembles a speaker or the front of an amplifier, circular, flat, and dotted with various control buttons around its rim (call handling, volume controls, battery indicator, mute, and so forth.) This simple geometric design is optimal for the acoustic properties of the Speak – both its microphone and speaker function exceptionally well and are geared to ensure each participant on the conference call can both hear and be heard clearly.

360 Degrees of Coverage

The main feature of the Speak is its omnidirectional microphone which features 360 degrees of coverage. This wide range of coverage and omnidirectional sensitivity allows the Speak to be the high functioning conference phone that it is, ensuring audio can be discernibly picked up from any angle or virtually anywhere in a room. Using Digital Signal Processing, the Speak captures and reproduces sounds virtually distortion free and removes digital artifacts, echoes and other unwanted noise from the signal.

Versatile And Portable

The Speak is capable of interfacing with computers, mobile devices and even some kinds of telephones. It can connect completely wirelessly using Bluetooth with a compatible device or connect via USB to a wired device. Many devices can connect seamlessly to the Speak with plug-and-play capability, letting you use the device almost instantly.

In Conclusion

Great for Voice over IP calls using a computer service, or for turning your mobile device into a fully functional conference phone, the Jabra Speak conference phones' versatility and portability can easily make it a must-have part of your communications toolkit.