New from Jabra comes the latest addition to their hugely popular Speak range of portable conference speakerphones - the Jabra Speak 710 & Speak 710 MS. Billed as the first truly professional and personal conferencing device, it features a high-quality speaker designed for music as well as crystal clear conference calls.

Take a look at the video above and read on for the first look at the spec:

Hassle-free conference with plug-and-play connectivity

Our own experience of trying to set-up conference calls in the past consists of numerous false starts, sketchy audio, and occasionally complete failure and abandonment. So it took the sting out of our embarrassment to learn that we are not the only ones. Research has shown that up to a third of conference calls are delayed due to issues with set-up resulting in 15 percent of conference time wasted with “getting started”. The Jabra Speak range really is a plug-and-play solution and we have tried, tested, and now use the Speak 510 (read our review here) so are eagerly looking anticipating the premium Jabra Speak 710.

Jabra Speak 710

Offering an easy way deliver professional audio and integrate seamlessly in seconds with all UC platforms (it is certified for Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft Skype for Business) the Jabra Speak 710 looks set to be the top choice for those looking for a premium speakerphone. And the new touch Smart button lets you personalize your Speak 710 by using voice commands via your smartphone digital assistant (compatible with MS Cortana, Siri® and Google Now™).

Immersive Sound

The high performance omni-directional microphone provides 360 degrees coverage and is capable of catching sound clearly from any angle. Suitable for up to 6 participants the Speak 710 has HD Voice/wideband audio to deliver superior sound for the best voice collaboration – making sure that everyone is heard with crystal clear clarity.

Extend the reach of your conferences with the new Jabra Speak 710

One of the unique benefits of the Speak 710 is the fact that two units can be paired with each other allowing you to extend the reach of your conference calls to accommodate more participants. It also means that you can ditch listening to music on the poor quality speakers on your laptop or smartphone and take full advantage of the audio capabilities of the Speak 710.
Speak 710

Key features of the Speak 710

  • Omni-directional microphone and HD Voice: for a rich immersive sound ideal for voice, music and multimedia
  • Exclusive portable design: be mobile with a lightweight design, protective travel pouch and 15 hours of battery life
  • Personalise your Speak with MS Cortana, Siri or Google Now: interact with your digital assistant with the one touch Smart button
  • Intuitive plug-and-play connectivity: connect in seconds to a laptop, smartphone or tablet via USB or Bluetooth®
  • In-room coverage for up to 6 people: flexible and scalable device for small and larger meetings
  • Compatible with all leading UC platforms: certified for Avaya, Cisco and Skype for Business for a plug-and-play experience.


The Jabra Speak 710 starts at £251.99 will be available to order from the 14th April.