The ability to hold a conference call is one of the most useful tools available when you want or need to have a group conversation. With the right equipment, a conference call can provide a quality of conversation only rivalled by having an in person conversation. The Jabra Speak 510 is just that sort of equipment.

Looking like a small, circular portable speaker, the Jabra Speak is remarkably portable and has microphone which connects to a smart phone, tablet, or computer to provide a high quality conference calling experience wherever you are.

In Touch Wherever You Are

jabra-speak-510-plus-link-360With the Jabra Speak it becomes a simple matter to have a business conference where ever you might find yourself. Meeting a client for lunch and wish more members of the team could be party to your discussions? Just place the Jabra Speak on the table and connect everyone to the conversation.

While most smart phones have some kind of built in speaker phone function, the Jabra Speak takes the sound quality to the next level. On both ends of the line it offers crystal clear call quality, picking up high quality audio from all directions and allowing for a seamless conference calling experience.

The exceptional technology employed by Jabra for the microphones in the Speak 510 allows the device to pick up every detail of the conversation in a room and transmit it naturally, letting the people on the other end of the line communicate effectively and efficiently almost as if they were in the room.

Jabra Speak 510 - Easy As Pie to Use

Connecting via USB or BlueTooth to a range of tablets, smart phones, or computer devices, the Jabra Speak 510 is very easy to use. For most devices, the Jabra Speak is completely plug and play, requiring no additional set up except for plugging in the USB connection or connecting wirelessly with a BlueTooth compatible device.

The BlueTooth connectivity adds an extra layer of versatility, allowing you to move the Jabra Speak 510 around during your conference call with no worry of mussing up wires or dropping the call, ensuring you always get the Speak 510 in the best location to pick up audio.

There isn't a lot to mess with on the Jabra Speak, it is quite a hassle free device. For a bit of added convenience, the Speak 510 features a few buttons for call control on its surface, letting you easily control the volume of the call, terminate the call, or accept an incoming call.

Never Miss a Beat of Your Business

With the Jabra Speak you are just as ready for a conference call at home or in the office, or even on the go. This is a great flexibility for business people who always need to be in touch at all times. Included with each Jabra Speak 510 is a handy protective travelling case, great for making sure the Speak doesn't get wet or damaged while you're taking advantage of its exceptional portability and ultra compact design.

Give it a try yourself! Learn more about the Jabra Speak 510 at the liGo product page.