Cordless telephony is often considered essential in today's office environments, particularly in busier or noisier open­ plan offices and call centres where members of staff need to be able to conduct interference ­free phone calls throughout the day. Additionally, many modern offices use blended telephony environments, using both conventional fixed telephone lines (deskphones) and VoIP online telephony (softphones) to conduct calls. The Jabra Pro 9450 is one headset for everything, allowing employees to take both fixed­-line and online calls without having to switch between different devices. The flexible setup makes it easy to use and quick to deploy, and all phone calls may be handled from either the  computer, base station controls or from the controls on the headset itself.

Wireless Freedom

Being able to move freely around the office while on a call using an unobtrusive monaural headset allows employees to stay aware of what's going on around them at the same time. DECT 6.0 technology provides exceptional wireless freedom  up to 450 feet away from the base station, while the battery provides up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 46 on standby. The Jabra Pro 9450 is also comfortable, since you can tailor it to your preferences by choosing from three different wearing styles, and a neckband is included as an accessory. The headset is also suitable for easy mass deployment even in the largest call centres thanks to its compatibility with all other leading brands of deskphones and the included Jabra PC software suite.

Jabra Pro 9450

A Rich Set of Features for Demanding Business Environments

The Jabra Pro 9450 provides an adjustable noise­ cancelling microphone and digital signal processing for improved call clarity. These technologies help to shut out background noise and minimise echo, resulting in clearer phone calls and greatly reduced listener fatigue. When carrying out VoIP phone calls, high­ definition audio allows for even clearer speech.