The Jabra Pro 925 is a modern wireless headset, which has been designed for professional office workers who need to take calls on both deskphone and mobile. It connects to the deskphone via its sleek foldable base, and to mobile via Bluetooth (and is NFC enabled). At £219.99 it is a high-end headset, so we put it to the test to find out if it lives up to its price-tag.


On unpacking the PRO 925, it does strike you as an expensive looking headset. The brushed-aluminium style headband and minimalist design of the ear-piece speak quality, and compact design of base (which doubles as a charging cradle) would certainly not look out of place on a contemporary desktop. There are five LEDs on the base to give a handy visual cue of battery life, call status and other events (such as  microphone mute); set against the black of background these inidicators are functional and stylish.

Jabra 925-15

It is a monaural headset so features only one earpiece, and the fixed boom can be rotated 360° so it can be worn on the right or left ear. The headband is easily adjustable and at only 28g it is light and comfortable to wear. There are (optional) neckband and earhook/earbud available from Jabra as optional accessories to customise the wearing style further.


The sound quality of the Jabra Pro 925 is where this headset excels; on our test calls using deskphone and mobile the clarity of sound was impressive. Whilst the boom does appear to be quite short, the noise-cancelling microphone worked well – we were able to be heard clearly without any interference from background noise even in an office full of our Customer Services team .

Features & set-up

The best feature of the Jabra Pro 925 is the dual-connectivity, which enables you to use the headset with deskphone and mobile. Set-up is straightforward for both deskphone and mobile; we were able to test NFC with Samsung Galaxy S4 for quick pairing and there were no issues.

Battery Life & Range

The headset fully charges in 3 hours and lasts a solid working day of continuous use; when tested in our CS call centre it lasted just shy of the manufacturer’s claim of 12 hours. The standby time will last about 7 days.

The range of the Jabra Pro 925 is excellent

The wireless range of the Jabra Pro 925 is excellent, provding coverage throughout the office with no interference or breaking up.


The Jabra Pro 925 is a sophisticated and dependable wireless headset that delivers outstanding audio quality, dependable battery life, and impressive range. A bit cumbersome for taking with you on-the-go but for for professional workers looking for a high-quality headset that can be used for both mobile and deskphone, the Pro 925 is an excellent solution.