The Jabra Move Wireless are a lightweight set of Bluetooth Wireless Headphones at an exciting price-point.  Complete with integrated mic and up to 8-hours battery life, the Jabra Move Wireless is perhaps the go-to choice if you're looking for top-quality wireless headphones for your Smartphone and are on a tight budget. 

Full Spec: Jabra Move Wireless

Design & Build

Each earcup is coated in a matte-textured plastic and shaped like a recognizable cone speaker. There is an indication as to which ear goes in which cup, with the power switch that doubles for Bluetooth discovery located on the right handside. Here, you'll also find the micro USB port for charging. Moving onto the left, a 3.5mm input rests on the bottom of the earcup for wired listening if the battery life just isn't going to cut it. The primary controls also exist here with the multifunction button, which covers the play and pause functions, voice control and a gamut of basic phone controls. Also, the volume rocker doubles as navigation to skip and backtrack to a previous song with a longer hold of each button.


Sound Quality

Whilst Jabra Move Wireless might look the part it's the sound quality we're most interested in and thankfully, these headphones deliver! Boasting incredible audio, a handful of features and excellent battery life inside of a featherweight package.

The sound performance of the Jabra Move belies their small frame. Jabra have clearly put their decades experience manufacturing top quality professional headsets and medical grade hearing devices to good use and consequently delivered an impressive compact set of wireless headphones capable of delivering sharp, punchy base, and handling mids and highs with grace. It is worth noting, however, that they don't offer much in the way of noise isolation, so be considerate of your fellow commuters as leakage will occur!


While the sound quality of the Jabra Move is top-class where they really excelled for me was with how comfortable they were to wear. They are incredibly lightweight without feeling cheaply made or flimsy. The headband does sit tightly to the head, which may cause some discomfort if you wear thick glasses but overall they are extremely comfortable. A few hours at a time won’t leave you with earache.


Battery Life & Range

The battery life is reliable providing the advertised 8-hours of listening time claimed by Jabra on a full charge. When using normally they lasted a number of days before needing to be recharged, and it doesn't take too long to recharge them. Connecting the Jabra Move via Bluetooth is a breeze taking just a few seconds to pair with my phone after powering on, and providing crystal clear range for up to 20 metres from my phone before becoming a bit less reliable. 


The Jabra Move Wireless are an excellent set of  On-ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones that manage to deliver top-class quality at a budget-end price. Unless you're willing to shell out a lot more you won't get better than this!