While the world may seem a rather gloomy place at the moment, technology marches on.  Although we may not have the same cash to spend on all of those delicious little gadgets out there, there are occasions when something so tasty arrives on the scene it is permissable to live on canned ravioli for a week in order to afford it.

I hate to break it to you, but the Jabra JX10 bluetooth headset (with hub) is one of those things for which it's worth sacrificing your digestive health.

Using a phone, whether it's a corded home phone or your mobile, will never again be the same with this baby.  Gone are the days of Jabra bulkiness; instead say hello to a rather sexy little number designed by Danish designer Jacob Jensen, famous for designing the magnificently stylish Bang & Olufsen audio range.  And while this honey of a bluetooth headset has the looks, it offers much more than just a pretty exterior...as we'll soon discover.

Small but perfectly formed!

This gorgeous black headset, a triumph of angles and curves, is dramatically split by a line bearing the Jabra logo.  And while its sleek appearance will definitely turn heads, another drool-inducing attraction is its tiny size, which unsurprisingly allows for a very comfortable ear fit.  Of course, this also means that it's so lightweight it'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all!  And for those of us who have an ear preference, the top class Jabra JX10 headset can be easily worn on either lug because of its superbly symmetrical shape.  The detachable earhook provides extra stability should you have *ahem* non-standard ears.

Not just a pretty face

Thankfully though, beauty isn't only casing deep here - it also penetrates right to the level of the Jabra JX10's circuitry.  DSP technology provides incredible digital sound enhancement and eSCO (extended Synchronous Connections) produces crisp voice quality, no doubt a huge boon to the executive on the move.  Should you be working on top secret projects and don't  fancy the unwanted intrusion of the tabloids, 128-bit security encryption will keep your communications hush-hush.  And get this: the Jabra JX10 supports two active connections...AT THE SAME TIME!  No, it's not witchcraft.  It's all down the inclusion of the hub, a nifty wee addition which allows the user to connect to two mobiles or a corded home/office phone.  The JX10 headset has been already paired with the hub, so all the lucky owner needs to do is pair their mobile via the handy one-touch pairing button or connect their corded phone.  It's simplicity itself!

Don't sweat the small stuff

There is also a bucketload of other highly useful features.  A multicoloured LED indicates both bluetooth and charge status, something that will surely prove useful to the technologically confused (unless you're colour blind, of course).  An easy-to-reach volume switch sits snugly on the back of the earpiece.  Oh, and let's not forget the benefits supplied by features such as voice dialling, call holding/waiting, last number redial and answer/end/reject call capability.  Nice, eh?  And the final flourish is the staying power of the Jabra JX10: an impressive 200 hours on standby and a voice-wrecking 6 hours talktime!

Like all the good things in life, this mini sweetheart doesn't come cheap.  However, here at liGo we can soften the blow for you by offering the Jabra JX10 bluetooth headset and hub system for a very competitive £121.99 inc. VAT.  You can even buy up to five of these cute little fellows with the hub system should you be more popular than God and as gadget-laden as Bill Gates.  The Jabra JX10 and hub will undoubtedly enhance both personal and business transactions so don't feel bad about treating yourself.  This is one purchase your bank manager would be insane to criticise.