The GN9120DG is a Wireless Headset for GAP compatible cordless phones. It registers to the base unit of the phone rather than to any handset. It’s compact and comfortable to wear, and offers great sound quality and reliable range. An ideal choice if you need to take a lot of calls on your , delivers great sound quality, excellent range, and is durable enough that it won’t break if you accidentally drop it. A dependable all-rounder that can be worn in different styles to suit the wearers preference, and has even adorned the heads of those in our office.


I like the design of the GN91201DG, which is a lot smaller than I had expected. It comes with an adjustable headband attached and can be worn on either ear. There is a nice leatherette ear cushion for added comfort, and it is fairly comfortable to wear. There is a second wearing style, which involves removing the ear cushion and headband, and replacing with an included earhook. The process is easy enough, but the design of the earpiece doesn’t lend itself well to this wearing style. Its weight and the absence of an eartip means that it doesn’t feel so secure, and it’s difficult to position it for optimum sound quality. There are three buttons on the headset that are really close together and when it's on your head and your fingers are trying to find the right one it's not easy.

Jabra GN9120DG 2

The base to charge the headset is very slim and features an LED to let you know its charging and when the battery is full. To plug in the charger you need to detach the bottom plate from the base, which can be a bit fiddly


The sound quality of the GN9120DG is great. On our test calls the clarity of sound was excellent, and whilst the boom is fairly short, the integrated noise-cancelling on the mic works well to eliminate background noise and only pick up your voice. The volume can be adjusted using the on-headset controls, and the maximum setting is reasonably loud.

Set-up & ease-of-use

To plug in the charger you need to detach the bottom plate from the base, which can be a bit fiddly. Pairing the headset to the phone’s base station is pretty easy (you can see how easy in this video we made). Once paired you can answer incoming calls directly on the headset; however, to make an outgoing call, you have to use one of the handsets and then transfer the call over to the headset, which can be inconvenient if you have to make a lot of calls.

Jabra GN9120DG

Battery life & Range

For a wireless headset the battery life is excellent; we managed to get more than 11 hours use during testing so were very impressed. The range of the headset was equally good in our tests, providing better range than some of the cordless phones we’ve reviewed.


The Jabra GN9120DG is an excellent wireless headset for cordless phones; offering great sound, impressive range, and comfort. Better suited for receiving calls rather than making them, and recommended for use over-the-head.