Jabra's latest Bluetooth Wireless Headset series - the EVOLVE 65 - is a top-of-the-range solution that allows you to connect to your PC and Smartphone simultaneously. With a sleek designer look and feel, world-class speakers for outstanding audio quality, and high-quality microphone - Jabra may have just launched the best professional wireless headset yet.

Made for music and calls

Equipped with Dynamic PureSound speakers (Hi-fi) and a top-quality noise-cancelling microphone you'll notice a difference in sound quality whether you're on a call or listening to music. A truly versatile Bluetooth wireless headset, the with the Jabra EVOLVE 65 sets the bar very high for this category of professional headset.

Jabra EVOLVE 65 series


For use with VoIP & Smartphone

The Jabra EVOVLE 65 connects easily to your PC for use with VoIP softphones wirelessly via the Jabra Link 360 USB control unit. Additionally you can pair the headset to one other Bluetooth device (such as your Smartphone or Tablet) so that you can use the EVOLVE 65 as a pair of stereo headphones by docking the microphone boom into the headband, or managing calls on your mobile too.

Passive noise-cancellation

Jabra designed the EVOLVE 65 with the aim to provide a wireless headset that would help improve your concentration by eliminating distractions from background noise. Passive noise-cancellation effectively reduces interference from high-frequency noise including human voices so that you can focus on the task at hand. And you can take advantage of the “busy light” to prevent unwanted disturbances from colleagues.

EVOLVE 65 - Passive Noise cancelling

Bluetooth & NFC

Boasting Bluetooth Class 1.5 the Jabra EVOLVE 65 is compatible with a vast range of Bluetooth devices including PC, latptop, Smartphones & tablets; and will provide you with up to 30 metres of wireless connection to your paired device of choice. And pairing the Jabra EVOLVE 65 Stereo couldn’t be easier with Near Field Communicated (NFC) – simply tap the headset to an NFC-enabled device for instant pairing.

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