Gogaset Elements Base

We all lead busy lives these days. It’s often difficult to predict when you’re going to get home, and that can be a worry. Security, the safety of pets, fire risks and floods are concerns for most of us, especially if you need to be away from home for a period of time.

Don’t panic! We’re not trying to scare you. In fact, today we’re excited. Why? Because we’ve just taken a closer look at one of Gigaset’s latest innovations, designed to tackle exactly this problem.

Launched to the industry in August 2012, Gigaset Elements is about to hit the UK market. As ever, we’re here to give you the inside track on what it’s all about, how it can make your life easier, and how you can get in early to take advantage of the technology.

What is Gigaset Elements?

gigaset elemnts plug

Gigaset Elements is a modular sensor-based system that can be configured to monitor many aspects of your home. The Base Station tracks sensors across your home and connects these with your mobile via a secure web server.

If the sensors detect something unusual they’ll send a message straight to your smartphone to let you know what’s happening. According to Gigaset the system can even tell you whether somebody has tried to force entry, and it can tell the difference between a key and a crowbar. We have to admit, we think that’s pretty clever.

What can Gigaset Elements be used for?

gigaset elemnts door

The modular system can be adapted to monitor the whole of your home – or any elements you choose. On offer is everything from motion sensors to a smoke detector, water sensor and video camera. There’s even a wireless power plug that tracks energy consumption and will send a message to your phone if you forgot to turn an appliance off. Plus (you’ve guessed it) you can turn the device off from your phone, wherever you are.

The applications are pretty much limitless and can flex easily to your requirements. You could, for example, keep an eye on what your pet’s up to when you’re not there. You could use it to monitor an elderly or vulnerable person and be alerted if they have an accident or encountered a difficulty. You can deter burglars by turning lights on and off via your phone or via the door sensor. You can keep an eye on what your teenagers are up to. The window sensor will even monitor the weather forecast and recommend whether you should leave your windows open or closed to achieve the optimum atmosphere in your home.

Is Gigaset Elements easy to install?

According to Gigaset, yes it is. It’s a wireless battery run system so it doesn’t require any drilling or mains points to set up. You’ll need to put a bit of effort into configuring your sensors, video camera and the like. A major plus is that you can add more modules and functions as the system beds in, offering a high level of flexibility and budgetary control for you.

Are there any drawbacks?

Since we’re previewing a system in its very early days it’s hard to say, but we would offer one word of caution and we’ve got no doubt Gigaset would agree. You should never use a system like this in place of standard security measures. The best way to deter intruders is by locking up properly. The best way to avoid a fire is by not taking unnecessary risks like smoking in the home or forgetting to check your smoke alarm. Gigaset Elements is certainly a very exciting piece of kit, but ultimately the more care you take the more your premises are likely to be protected. Look upon this system as adding value – not replacing the safety strategies we all know are common sense.

Oh, and as it’s a battery run system tale care not to let the batteries run out! Other than that what we see here is a seriously new, seriously intelligent piece of technology that we predict is going to slot right into modern lifestyles very quickly.

Gigaset Elements will be coming to the market very soon. Make sure you keep an eye on our website for great deals on this new innovation!