Quality headsets are an integral part of the modern office landscape. Inherent to their design, headsets offer a range of benefits over traditional phones which allow people to perform a wide array of tasks free from being impeded by clunky hand held phones.

In the CS540 headset, the Plantronics corporation has explored what further technological improvements could lend the office headset to being an even more potent tool of productivity.

The result is a massively versatile, feature rich device which is designed from the ground up with the demands of the office environment in mind.

Below, we'll dive into some of the details which make the CS540 such a fantastic office workhorse.

Brilliant Audio

First and foremost with any headset is its audio quality. As with most offerings from Plantronics, the CS540 has some pretty impressive credentials in this category, offering wideband audio and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for brilliant high quality audio. Noise cancelling microphone technologies block out unwanted ambient noise or office sounds.

Plantronics CS540

Wireless thanks to the proven principles of DECT, the Plantronics is reliable and manages to operate essentially interference free even in the technological clutter of a modern office. With a range of about 100 meters, the CS540 should given even the most spacious offices a bit of wiggle room.

Ready for Business

Designed for maximum versatility, the Plantronics CS540 can be worn either over the ear, over the head, or behind the head depending on the preference of the wearer. Either manner offers a comfortable and ergonomic fit, essential to anything which is a candidate for all day wear in an office.

One of the most efficiency improving features offered on the CS540 is its ability to conference in up to 3 other CS540 headsets on a call. In an office environment, this allows CS540 users to seamlessly set up a conference call between relevant parties without fumbling with any extra devices. Providing users with the ability to easily network and handle calls between headsets is a massive boon to any office which handles a large number of phone calls.

Useful Call Managing, Long Battery Life

Offering one touch call handling from the headset, the CS540 frees users from needing to interact with another device to handle calls. Easily change the volume of the headset, mute the microphone, answer, ignore, or drop calls, all from the 1-touch controls on the CS540.

Plantronics CS540

With up to 7 hours of battery life on a single charge, the CS540 has enough juice to keep you going throughout a whole work day. But it is easy enough to slide into its sleek desk charging unit and keep the battery life up to par thanks to its quick charging times.

See For Yourself!

In terms of high quality office headsets, there can be little argument that the CS540 brings a lot of things to the table. See for yourself if it truly is the ultimate office headset, or if perhaps there is something else in the liGo catalogue that should claim that crown.