Ready for a new entry in the smart phone market? Make your introductions with the Gigaset Me line: three premium touch screen Android smart phones from renown German electronics manufacturer Gigaset. Equipped with a few interesting innovations as well as all of the classic smart phone must-haves, the Gigaset Me is certainly a development to keep an eye on.

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Though they may look quite a bit like many other smart phones on the market, Gigaset has not made another tired iteration of the same technology and designs we already see across the smart phone market. Instead, they have taken the tested and proven aspects of the very best smart phones and merged them with the latest and greatest technology into an original and highly functional device slated to rival any of its predecessors in quality as well as functionality.

Whats New with the Gigaset Me?

snapshotSo just what does the Me line bring to the table that other smart phones don't? Among the clever innovations included by Gigaset is their Surface Conduction Technology, which removes an ear piece from the device entirely. You can place your ear anywhere on the front of the device, and through acoustical conduction you will be able to hear the other end of the line. Of course, you can use the phone's speakers if you want to have a conference call.

Another improvement on typical smart phone technologies is Gigaset's refined camera system, which incorporates a lightening quick auto-focus to make it easier than ever to take quick snap shots or get great action shots of objects in motion.

The Gigaset Me line features an eye-catching user interface of its own which sets it apart from other standard Android phones. Running Android 5.1 Lollipop, this stylish Gigaset user interface lends a unique flair to the device while still enabling it to work normally with all Android apps.

High Tech, Low Price

Gigaset me smartphone double simThe Gigaset Me offer features comparable to some of the highest end smart phones on the market at a bargain price. With build quality to rival any other high end phone on the market and all sorts of interesting extra hardware like

  • double SIM card slots which double as Micro-SD expandable memory ports,
  • heart rate sensor,
  • finger print scanner security (which doubles as a multi-purpose button for taking photos, answering calls and more),
  • IR blaster,

and some seriously impressive specs at just £399 for the most expensive version, there are few other phones on the market which can offer so much for so little.

For those truly looking for a bargain phone, the less feature-rich version can be had for as low as £249.

See For Yourself!

With Gigaset being a popular name in consumer electronics with a long list of communications devices already on the market, their entry into the modern world of smart phones is sure to offer consumers new and exciting options. See first hand the exciting innovations and neat new devices Gigaset will be bringing to the market by trying out their devices for yourself!