In the Gigaset S850 GO we find a super modern take on the classic cordless phone, a refreshing design which holds true to its roots while securing the cordless phone as an important part of the future of communications.

Designed from the ground up with maximum versatility in mind, the Gigaset S850 GO has many tricks up its sleeve.

Landline and VoIP

Probably one of the most distinguishing features of the S850 (and all of Gigaset's new GO line of devices) is its ability to work both as a VoIP phone and as a traditional landline.

Not only can it connect to both of these services, it can utilise them simultaneously to actually hold multiple phone calls on both landline and VoIP from a single device.

The User Friendliness Behind the Gigaset S850 GO

Gigaset 850goIn every regard, the Gigaset S850 has the user in mind. It includes a large, brightly coloured display with an easy to navigate menu, which is simple to interact with for anyone who has used a cordless phone before.

The brilliant acoustics inherent to the Gigaset S850 can be tweaked and refined with the help of the included Audio Profiles feature, which allows you to pre-configure various profiles of volume and other audio parameters to be switched between at the press of a button.

The Gigaset S850 is able to connect to the internet via WiFi or over its LAN port. When connected to the internet, the S850 can access online services like a cloud stored phone book, or weather services.

But probably the most intriguing feature is the ability to connect to Gigaset's new service for GO device, which allows them to make free phone calls between GO devices connected to the internet.

Integrate with Other Devices

Acknowledging the rich technological landscape in which the S850 is likely to find itself, Gigaset has included a range of features allowing the S850 and other GO devices to interface with a wide variety of other devices.

For connecting headsets, the S850 features both BlueTooth and microUSB capabilities, opening up a wide world of options for integrating a headset into your home communications setup.

The GO product line can also work with your iOS or Android device. The Gigaset GO app lets you remotely see if you missed calls while your away, easily transfer contact lists between your device and the S850's 500 entry contact list, and a range of other features.

Multiple Answering Machines

3  answering machinesTo facilitate its ability to handle multiple connections from VoIP and landline, the S850 includes 3 integrated answering machines with a total recording time of up to 55 minutes.

Each of the 3 answering machines can be customised with its own welcome message and assigned to the various phone numbers associated with the S850 GO. This means you don't need to worry about where your call is going, or which answering machine will pick it up, or any other concerns!


Simplify with the help of the S850 GO and have an all in one communications solution for your multiple phone lines whether they're VoIP or traditional landlines.