Taking the cordless home phone further than ever before, Gigaset has announced its cutting edge Gigaset GO Product Series.

Looking to insure the cordless phone remains an essential part of our communications infrastructure, Gigaset has taken many steps with their GO product line to make a device truly performing to the demands of the modern environment and able to flexibly interface with a range of other technologies.

VoIP "AND" landline

One of the most notable features of the GO line comes in the form of its ability to work equally well as a traditional analog landline or VoIP phone. This is an ideal feature set as conversion from traditional landline to VoIP solutions becomes increasingly popular.

Enabling a smooth transition between existing landline systems and new VoIP interfaces, the GO is clearly a design looking forward into the future and one that will remain a viable, relevant option for years to come.

Smart Phone and Internet Integration

Taking advantage of the modern communications landscape, the Gigaset GO is able to interface with Android and iOS devices via the Gigaset app. This gives users the ability to easily share contact lists between smart phone and GO handsets.

It also has a handy notification feature, which can display on your smart phone when you're away from home if you've missed calls, who called, and lets you know if they left a message.Gigaset 850go komplett

This feature take advantage of the Gigaset GO's ability to connect to the internet – either via WiFi or through a LAN ethernet connection. When connected to the internet, the GO not only allows you to check notifications from your smart phone, but can also allow you to make free VoIP calls to any other Gigaset GO phone connected to the internet.

This is a nifty feature which could potentially save loads on long distance fees. By connecting to the Gigaset server to handle phone calls, you can pretty much cut out the middlemen (your VoIP carrier or telecom company) entirely, taking advantage of this exclusive Gigaset GO service.

Updating Proven Designs

Gigaset 850goWith the GO series, Gigaset has opted to take some of their most popular existing phone models and revamp them with the technological improvements and rich feature set offered by GO.

Models lucky enough to get a GO upgrade include the C-class Gigaset C430, the tough work horse - the E630A, and even the top of the line designer offering, the SL400 will find itself with a GO upgraded twin.

But aside from updating, the Gigaset GO line also brings us a totally new Gigaset phone: the S850A GO. Targeted as an upper-midrange phone, the S850A includes a wealth of features and is sure to excite.

More From Gigaset

Gigaset's huge catalogue of cordless phones truly has something for everybody. If the GO line isn't quite what you're looking for, don't miss the huge array of other exciting options available from Gigaset and bring home some of the highest quality phones to be had anywhere on the market today.