The world of cordless phones has certainly come a long way, to the point where something as feature rich as the Siemens Gigaset C530A can be snagged up at a relatively bargain price. Not too long ago, the feature set and capabilities of the C530A would have distinguished it as a top of the line model, but compared to other awesome offerings from Gigaset and by virtue of its bargain price tag, the C530A is actually something of a mid-range phone.

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Which is not to say it skimps anything on its features or quality. On the contrary, in my first hand experience with the C530A I've found it to have exceptional sound quality, a hefty battery life and more than enough range to suit me.

Ergonomical and Functional Design

introducing Gigaset C530A

When I first looked at the C530A, I thought it had a big screen. But the size is actually fairly standard: it is only a 1.8” colour TFT display. Yet it looks rather large on the Gigaset C530A as the screen is slightly larger in proportion to the keypad than many similar cordless phones, which afford its something of a stocky appearance.

The colour display makes it easy to navigate the different features built into the handset, like:

  • a phone book which can hold up to 150 entries,
  • caller ID,
  • call log,
  • calendar,
  • alarm
  • and other handy little add-ons.

For those with difficulty seeing, the setting include a feature to make all of the fonts larger so that the content on the display is easier to read.

In addition to being feature rich in its electronics, the physical design of the C530A is quite ergonomic, lending itself well to being held in the hand or even leaned against your face. It doesn't take many liberties with the classic cordless handset design, but has included the many small refinements to ensure a comfortable experience even during long calls.

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The Nitty Gritty Details

introducing Gigaset C530A frontMy bottom line with cordless phones often comes down to battery life. I'm abusively negligent with charging them, so I often fish them out of my couch with their battery completely drained. Fortunately the massive 300 hours of standby life the Gigaset C530A is rated for has served me well. I haven't managed to leave it unattended nearly that long, and it has yet to deplete its battery completely. Talk time is up to 14 hours continuously, which is far longer than I can manage to stay on the phone!

As far as range, the Gigaset C530A has the standard 50 metres indoor and 300 metres out like most DECT cordless phones. But the reception is quite good, and I can wander freely around my house without any interruptions or dead spots.

Integrated Answering Machine

The integrated answering machine can be accessed via the base or handset, meaning where ever you are you can listen to the up to 30 minutes of recorded audio available from the answering machine. One feature I particularly like is the ability to enable or disable call screening, which allows you to listen to messages as they are being left.

Gigaset C530A - Final Words

See for yourself if the Gigaset C530A is the phone for you:

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