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Buying Guides on liGo

How to Choose the Right Cordless Phone is our in-depth exploration of what makes a great cordless phone and our examination of the best options available on the market.

Headsets Buying Guide dives into the world of features and possibilities in the headset market to help you get what you need.

Corded Telephones Buying Guide takes you on a guided tour of the many features and options one can select when purchasing a modern corded phone.

Two-Way Radios Buying Guide gives you all the need to know info to properly equip yourself with some high quality two-way radios.

Baby Monitors Buying Guide is a great resource for new parents looking for their first baby monitor or anyone looking to explore the possibility of upgrading their existing monitor.




LiGo Recommendations and Top 10 Lists


Best Cordless Phones of 2015 takes a peak at the most exciting and intriguing cordless phone offerings available in 2015.

Best Corded Telephones dives into the depths of corded phones – all of them – to find the top ten contenders truly worthy of your attention.

Best BT Phones of 2015 turns the spotlight on products from the BT company.

Best Gigaset Phones of 2015 looks at the effortlessly exceptional offerings from Gigaset.

Best Designers Phones 2015 takes us on a whirlwind tour of the most innovative designer offerings brought to us courtesy of 2015.




Best Headsets of 2015 explores the wired- and wireless-headsets which were the most captivating, innovative, or well-priced.

Best Bluetooth Headsets provides a helpful guide for the wirelessly inclined to find the best headset to keep them in touch on the go.

Best Wireless Headset of 2015 narrows the possibilities for headsets by literally cutting the cord and only giving attention to the most exceptional wireless options.

Best Office Headsets of 2015 takes the perspective of an everyday office worker to find the most accommodating headset for office use.

Best Corded Headsets explores the options available for those who prefer to remain in close proximity to their devices.



Baby Monitors and Two Way Radios

Best Baby Monitors of 2015 gives us the nitty-gritty on the top ways to keep an ear (or eye) on the little ones circa 2015.

Best Two Way Radios of 2015 is our round up of 2015's very best hand held two way radios and their exciting features.



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