Plantronics GameCom headsets are specially designed for gaming, with remarkable sound quality, giving you a great online and interactive gaming experience. They can also be used for speaking on Skype on your PC as you type, since they eliminate the interference that is common when using the PC microphone while using the keyboard.

Three Plantronics GameCom headsets that you may consider buying for your gaming needs are:

The Plantronics GameCom 780

Featuring Dolby technologies, the GameCom 780 USB headset by Plantronics converts ordinary sound into a startling 7.1 surround sound experience. This headset features a noise-cancelling mic that eliminates background noise, allowing you to communicate clearly and loudly. When you want to take the headset off, the incorporated spin joints let the ear-pods remain level for easy storage.

Plantronics GameCom780

The GameCom 780’s volume controls are strategically placed on the ear-pods for convenient volume adjustment. Additionally, the ultra-comfy ear cushions make the headset suitable for gaming, streaming videos, making computer voice calls, and listening to music.

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The Plantronics GameCom 788

The GameCom 788 headset also comes with Dolby 7.1 surround sound technologies to let you feel every bit of action around you and issue clear commands to your teammates or opponents. This top-end gaming headset features a sturdy build and crystal clear sound reproduction with padded ear cups, an adjustable microphone, and exposed cables for an elegant and novel look.

The noise-cancelling microphone enhances the VoIP and TeamSpeak telephony applications, while the on-ear controls facilitate quick and convenient volume control and mute function on the microphone without requiring you to take your eyes off the screen. You can also rotate the ear-cups to create mini-speakers, or swivel the lay-flat ear-caps when you want to take them off for easy storage.

The Plantronics GameCom 388

Hear more action, feel the bass, know that your teammates hear your commands loud and clear, to let you remain focused on the game for however long it takes. The GameCom 388 is a PC gaming headset that features Plantronics’ signature audio to deliver more of the game to you. This stylish and affordable headset utilises a noise cancelling adjustable mic, on-ear controls, and plush ear cushions for extra comfort while you game, enjoy music, videos, and more.

Plantronics Gamecom 388

The GameCom 388 also comes with swivelling ear-cups that can lie flat when you take them off, or when you place the headband momentarily around your neck, in-between gaming sessions.

In Conclusion

With Plantronics GameCom headsets, you get lots of features, including multiple wearing styles, such as over the head, over the ear, in the ear, and behind the neck; compatibility with multiple devices, such as office phone, PC, mobile phone, cordless phone, iPod, and IP Phone; volume, mute, and call answer/end headset controls; and a host of useful accessories, such as spare voice tubes, remote handset lifter, spare headband, and telephone cord, among others.