If your predilection for being on your Smartphone borders on addiction then it probably doesn't last a full days worth of usage. In which case, this insanely clever map - designed to pinpoint the nearest available location you can top-up your Smartphone battery when out and about - is definitely for you!

Designed to pinpoint the nearest available location you can top-up your Smartphone battery

After compiling a comprehensive list of hacks to conserve battery life on the most popular smartphones currently available we got to thinking about other ways to keep Smarphones going for longer. And it was the Solarbox project in London (transforming disused red phone boxes into solar-powered charging booths for Smartphones) that gave us the idea to create a map, which detailed the exact locations of everywhere you can charge your phone for free.

Charge your Phone for Free

How it works

How does it work? It just does - you can search for your nearest charging station by city, postcode, or if your device has GPS enabled then it will pinpoint your location and display your closest options. Results can be filtered by your favourite  Coffee Shop brand (Costa, Cafe Nero, EAT, Starbucks) so you can re-charge as well; if peckish then find your nearest Restuarant with charging facilities; or if in a rush then hit "Charge Station" or  view all and get there quick before your battery gives out. You can also look for spots, which offer free Wi-Fi so you don't need to eat into your monthly data as you wait for your battery to charge back up.


What next?

Over the coming days and weeks as more and more cities and locations are added to the map, we'll be working on an iOS and Android app version so watch this space! In the meantime, you can take advantage of our map and add locations to your city here.